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Can Anyone please tell me what it is like to be self-employed in Italy. This would be really helpfully as we have moved to France and the Laws make it very difficult in all kinds of ways when all you want to do is make ends meet. We looked into it in great detail before we moved but there are things that nobody tells you and we would like to know if everywhere is the same and England is unique. Look forward to your response. Thanks

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If things aren't clear in France, they won't be any clearer here. I've been self employed for two years now and I'm still trying to work out if I'm registered correctly or not, or which is the best set-up for me to have etc.

People don't tell you certain things because they don't realise that you don't know them. Other things they just don't know themselves! It's an experience that you can't prepare for, I think. What do you do? Here there are certain professions, or maybe even all Individual Companies that don't have to pay tax until their annual income is over €30,000.

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Thanks for your help!!

Sorry that I haven't replyed until now, we had a busy weekend.

WE ( my mother and I) have a couple of rooms B&B and sell David Austin Roses from our home and on a market. Also I am a soft furnishings maker and sometimes decorator, all of which I have to be register for and have insurance. Where as in england Mum was a named driver on my car insurance she has to have her own and she can not be seen to do anything for me otherwise she is braking the law or as to register also and pay contributions which we can not afford. Its just all very different from the UK and we are confused.

Yours maxine

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