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Good evening all, hope you can help. I am going to be livening in Italy soon and I am looking at getting a car. Do you know if I can buy an Italian registered car and get insurance on it as a Uk citizen? Thanks 

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My car is registered in France. I am in Italy for just under 1 year. My car's CT will expire in June 2018. I don't want to re-register my car in Italy - the cost appears to be astronomical PLUS I do not have residential status. If possible, I don't want to have to go back to France just for the CT. Is it possible to have the car put through the equivalent test in Italy? When I first brought the car over from the UK, it was put through the CT in France as a then-UK registered car with the original UK registration on the CT certificate. Does anyone have any experience on this? Many thanks, tom

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HiI have been told that to convert my UK licence to Italian, is not too difficult, but that my  UK licence will be taken off me for about 3 weeks, to convert it. Is this the case? and if so how can i drive during that time? any help on the situation would be appreciated.

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HiCan anyone help.I want to convert my UK licence to Italian, what are the pros and cons?How difficult is it?Also I have been told that to convert it, will require my licence being sent away for 3 weeks or so, is this the case and how can I drive legally in the meantime?All help appreciated

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OK, this is probably a really stupid question, but does anyone know if it's possible to sell a car here in Italy that's registered in France?  I was just quoted a fee of E4000 to register my car here!!  For that I could buy another car.  ThanksElena

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Hi, I will move to the area very close to Piazza della Liberta (towards Piazzale Donatello) and will have a car with a foreign number plate for the first three months. Anywhere close by where I can park very cheap (or even for free) ? Any advice? If nothing is close by - any other place you can recommend? Thank you in advance.

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I just read in the section about exchanging an European license for an Italian license can take up to four months and that the original license will be retained or stamps exchanged. Should I infer from this this during those four months I would be unable to drive?????  I know from recent experience that Italy will not issue you a temporary permit to drive if you have an eu license from another country.  It can't be possible that one exchanging a license would not be permitted to drive.  Then again. this is Italy and anything is possible.

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We are wanting to purchase a small, used  car in the next month. We are happy with a dealer or private sale. we are living in Tuscany and need something reliable and reasonably new. We would like  4 doors, possibly a hatchback or small station wagon. Please contact us if you can help. Bronnew 

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Dear All, I just wanted to share a coupleof things that might be of interest; Firstly, my insurance agent recommended that I join the Italian Touring Club as it's members benefit from a 30 percent discount on motor insurance policies. The cost is around €80 per year and one friend I have mentioned it to was spending over €4000 a year so has made considerable savings. Most insurance agents should be aware of this scheme. Secondly, an Australian friend who spends 6 months in Italy and 6months in Australia each year, didn't realise that he can suspend his motor insurance whilst he is not here in Italy simply by handing the documents to his insurer when he leaves. He is now getting 2 years cover for the price of 1! Finally, a couple of people have mentioned to me recently that they thought the Italian road tax was included in their insurance premium, and I just wanted to share that this is not the case. Best wishes Richard  

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Hi--posted about this the other day and got a helpful link.  Did not realize that registration was also in my wallet until last night.  Looking for British expat lawyer who speaks and writes French in or around Florence to help me with this mess.  Thank you. Elena.

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Hi.  I'm looking for an expat British lawyer who speaks French as well as Italian and English.  I lost my wallet in a taxi in Florence with everything in it including French drivers license and French.car registration.  I'm dealing with it step by step, but as I can't drive and live up in isolated hills I need help from someone who really knows the ropes.  Anybody?  Thanks! :)

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Is there a way to see a driving school's pass or fail rate here in Tuscany?

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Are there automatic cars for rent here in Tuscany? I have searched and found none. I haven't driven anything manual for several years now. 

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Can anyone recommend a user-friendly blue tooth system for using your mobile phone hands free in the car? I am a total technophobe but using the loud speaker on my mobile is neither sufficient nor safe. Thanks in advance.

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I need a small car to borrow (fee based arrangement of course) for 3 weeks this August. Does anyone have a car sitting around that they aren't using?

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Is any body interested in purchasing a 2001 Mecedes 2LTR Sprinter van LWB used for transporting some belongings from UK? Drives like a car. 11 months UK  m.o.t, Diesel, Service history, solid, reliable, side windows, side door also, additional 3 seats in back available, boarded out, loved but now not required. Located near La Spezia. ideal to move out or back and sell on again. It's a Mercedes!! 2,995 euros      

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Hi everyone. I will be driving over to Monaco at the start of May and I wondered if anyone is also heading that way so that we could share costs? I can adapt my date of travel to suit.

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Can anyone recommend a website for renting private individuals cars? I live in central Florence so owning a car isn't necessary but I could do with renting one cheaply from time to time, especially at weekends.

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Hi Could anyone recommend someone to transport a small, classic car (Lancia Fulvia) from Pisa - UK? Due to Italian bureancracy, as a non rsident living in the UK, I cannot simply register /insure the car unlike all other EU countries. The only other option is to transport it without the need to apply for an Export document + temporary plates.  Any assistance would be most helpful & greatly appreciated.

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Can anyone recommend a good bike rental company in Florence. I have often used the bikes from Santa Maria Novella station - but they are ugly and uncomfortable!!!  Any ideas? Thanks  

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