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Hi Could anyone recommend someone to transport a small, classic car (Lancia Fulvia) from Pisa - UK? Due to Italian bureancracy, as a non rsident living in the UK, I cannot simply register /insure the car unlike all other EU countries. The only other option is to transport it without the need to apply for an Export document + temporary plates.  Any assistance would be most helpful & greatly appreciated.


stuartandJane 1397320071

I am not 100% sure I understand what the problem you have is... Is the problem that you cannot register the car nor insure it on foreign plates in order to drive it back?

If you are (ideally) seeking to drive it back to UK ; are you aware you can insure it (for a limited period) on the chassis/VIN number?

I purchased a car in belgium, insured it on the VIN number, dorove it back to UK and registered it here.

What you need to do then is get it MOT's in UK (against VIN number) then apply for UK registration plates (ideally with age related plates which the Lancia owners club may be able to assist with)

Does that help?


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