exchanging French driver's license for Italian license

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I just read in the section about exchanging an European license for an Italian license can take up to four months and that the original license will be retained or stamps exchanged. Should I infer from this this during those four months I would be unable to drive?????  I know from recent experience that Italy will not issue you a temporary permit to drive if you have an eu license from another country.  It can't be possible that one exchanging a license would not be permitted to drive.  Then again. this is Italy and anything is possible.


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Hi Elena

I exchanged my British license for an Italian one a couple of years ago. It took exactly a month. The local ' motorizazzione' issued me with a temporary permit until they sent me the licence. The best thing to do is to go to your local ACI and they will give you all the information you need. You will have to go to your local 'motorizazzione' to complete the transaction. You will also have to go to a certified doctor for an eye test and depending on your age for a heart check-up. However, your local ACI usually will have a doctor to whom you can go for this check-up. The local motorizazzione will also need photocopies of your French license. They sent mine back to the UK to be cancelled.

Hope this is of some help.

Paul (Pistoia)

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Hi Paul,


Thanks so much for this information.  It is more than helpful.  You have removed a great deal of anxiety, the reason being I lost my wallet (now found, than goodness) with my French driver's license in it and couldn't drive for two weeks, so I was afraid the same thing might happen when I exchange it.  Thank goodness no!  There is an ACI nearby and I'll begin the process on Monday. Thanks again for your help. 


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But you know that you don’t have to exchange it? I was about to swap my UK licence as everyone was telling me I had to, and then I checked the rules and there is no need if your own licence was issued by an EU nation. I went back to ACI with this information and they told me I was in fact correct. Save 100 euro and future problems trying to change back to your French licence!


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Thanks so much for your response.  I know I don't haven't to change the license? but I just lost my wallet with license in it (I got back!). I was thanking to change it because if I lost it again it would be easier to 1. Get a temporary permit to drive (not possible with a "foreign license" according to the carabinieri and the department of motorizzazione. 

2.  Getting back French licenses would haven't been a bureaucratic nightmare. 

However,  I don't have the 100 Euros to spend this month,  so at the very least I'll wait.  Anyway,  the license is now separate free the wallet.   

I do, however, need to register car here.  Do you by any chance know how much that costs?  (Shaking in shoes. )


Thank you again. 



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Ahh, registering a car here is not cheap! I did it around 4 years ago and from memory it cost around 700 euros...

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700 EUROS????!!!!!!??   THIEVES,  pure and simple!  In France it cost ¿€25.  It's a good thing I didn't see this message until Tod at,  (for which I ask your forgiveness as I see it's been here for nearly 2weeks.  I thought it was a newsletter, so I put it aside).  That's really sick.  I me just gone through six weeks of having no cash and no credit cards because I had to cancel them when my wallet was lost

  Thank you for the heads up.  I think.  I'm hoping you've had a major memory glitch.  There is no other country in the world I'd wager tthat charges so much to register a car.  I'm half Italian and I love Italy, but that's totally twisted.  :( :( :(


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