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Dear All, I just wanted to share a coupleof things that might be of interest; Firstly, my insurance agent recommended that I join the Italian Touring Club as it's members benefit from a 30 percent discount on motor insurance policies. The cost is around €80 per year and one friend I have mentioned it to was spending over €4000 a year so has made considerable savings. Most insurance agents should be aware of this scheme. Secondly, an Australian friend who spends 6 months in Italy and 6months in Australia each year, didn't realise that he can suspend his motor insurance whilst he is not here in Italy simply by handing the documents to his insurer when he leaves. He is now getting 2 years cover for the price of 1! Finally, a couple of people have mentioned to me recently that they thought the Italian road tax was included in their insurance premium, and I just wanted to share that this is not the case. Best wishes Richard  


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Thanks for filling us all in on this useful information Richard. I had no idea about the discount for touring club members!

Richard Turnbull 1403867210


Anything that saves money, especially on motor insurance, is surely a good thing!



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Wow!  This is great news.  But does one have to be British to get Italian insurance?  I am America with dual citizenship. I tried to switch my Clements international insurance to an Italian policy in September. It was impossible for two reasons.  Although I had proof of a lifetime clean driving record the Italian company needed proof of the last year.  Fair enough. I could get that.  But when Clements sent.the.letter by email the Italian community said it wasn't signed although Clements considered it to be signed. OK, I was prepared to ask for a mailed, signed hard copy.  BUT the Italian company insisted that the signature had to be stamped, you know, with one of those old fashioned hand stamps that are ubiquitous in in Italy.  Clements just laughed and said "No one uses those anymore."  Also, the Italian company wanted to know what class of insurance I had:  1,2 or 3 etc., as a way of knowing what my price scale was.   Well that doesn't exist either at least not in the States.  We have classes of vehicles, that's all.   Thus it was impossible to get Italian insurance even though clear is an international company and has an office in London.  I would be most interested in your opinion.  Thanks so much. Elena

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Hi, That sounds like a lot of hassle!! I am resident in Italy however, I have just helped an Australian friend with their car insurance and they only visit twice a year. Do you have a property or address in Italy? I am in the UK at the moment but will be back next week so if you could send me your details I'll get the chap that does my insurance to take a look and let you know what is possible, My email is  Best wishes  Richard    

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Hi Richard,

Thanks so much for getting back to the.I have insurance from Clements until mid September of 2015,  but given that hassle I had I'm already thinking of the year after.  My insurance cost $1238 for total coverage, including allowing someone else to drive it if they are over 25. I have no idea how that price compares with Italian prices 

I am a permanent resident with dual citizenship Italian/American. My email is  I am in San Casciano in Val di Pesa, about a half hour outside of Florence.


Thanks again for responding. Hope your sojourn in England has been delightful. 

Elena Latici



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