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Hi,   Does anyone know where I can scrap my 20 year old English car in Florence?

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Does anyone know where I can have a bike repaired in Florence please?

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I want to bring 2 louvred doors from England to San Remo in Liguria, preferably this year. Can anyone help?

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Hi   I live in the UK and have a 1989 VW Westfalia camper and would like to leave it somewhere safe for future trips and fly Easy Jet from Pisa. Plan to drive it around Dec/January.   Would anyone have or know someone with a barn/field that I could leave it in around Dec/January?   I would use it for about 3 weeks, then leave it back and fly out again in 2 months for another 6 weeks. I'll bring it back to the UK sometime bewtween July - Sept 2014.   Hope someone can assist! Thank you in advance.

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Last july I visited Florence- we were on holiday - I live in france. I was advised to park in the car park under the main railway station and we made our way there with the help of the sat nav. Having entered the car park we discovered that the car park computer was down, that the car park was choked with people in cars all looking for spaces that were not available. We were snarled up in the undergrund for an hour and 20 minutes - with hundreds of others who couldn't get out because of the logjam. Eventually when we did get out - highly stressed we then had to go looking for a space to park elsewhere, but this was difficult not knowing the city, and fing that the carparks we came accross were all full. We were on the verge of giving up on the visit, when after about 30 minutes of fruitless driving we found a space in a covered car park - no idea where it was now. Yesterday - back home in France - 10 months later - I received a registered letter from florence. It appears that (I think) that while i was searching the streets for parking space that I must have entered a bus lane and they are asking me to pay an enormous fine. I have no knowledge of the offence - although I accept that I must have done it. So my question is - is there any point in me contesting the fine and explaining the mitigaing circumstances - do they ever take notice of an an appeal or would i just be wasting my time. Thanks.  

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Hi! I need some advice on parking in Viareggio please! I've been there many times but have always taken the train. This time I'm driving in with a couple of friends to do some shopping, particularly in the market. We want a cark park as near as possible to the market and the shops in the centre (not the Promenade). Does anyone have any suggestions? Many thanks!

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Hello!   I live in the UK and want to buy/export a 1967 Italian registred car to the UK but I am unable to get either UK or Italian 'transit' insurance. The car dealer doesn't speak English so I use Google Translate.  He doesn't know the meaning of communication (it's now 2 weeks) or bothers to reply to ALL my questions. I now have all the information on what documents I need (original Export Document + Bill of Sale + temporary 15 day plates, except getting transit insurance.  I emailed various Italian car insurance companies (Google Italian) and the Italian auto office but no luck. UK insurance will only insure the car once it is in the UK.  A German company offer a 5 day EU plate + insurance but this plate is illegal to use on an Italian car. # Can anyone suggest another way to get transit insurance?   The fun is to drive the car & no tsimply to tranport it! Any help would be most appreciated! In Northern Europe, even if an EU citizen is not a resident in that country, buying/exporting a car is a  simple procedure. Buyer & seller agree on a price. The buyer gets a Bill of Sale + a copy of the car registration.The seller sends in the original car documents and a week or so later, the car papers are sent to an address in the country of sale. The buyer can easily get 'transit' insurance or, with the sellers permission, drive home on his insurance.    

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Does anyone know where to go to sell a righthand drive UK registered Landrover in the Pistoia and Lucca areas either outright or in part exchange? We have found one place in Camaiore, Province of Lucca that does part exchange if that helps anyone else but could do with other options if there are any. Thanks if you can help. Darren.

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I am an Australian living in Tuscany, however I am also a British citizen, I have an Italian residents card also. Can anyone help me with what has to be done to get an Italian license. I currently have an Australian license as well as international license. Looking forward to any wisdom

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Does anyone know a good cheap firm who can provide car insurance from Italy to France on an English registered car? 

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Can anyone help. I would like the Italian phone number for either of the above. The freephone number on their website takes you to the country you are calling from and I need to talk to someone in Italy as I have to get a certificate of conformance and one cannot be supplied from the UK people.

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Next time I drive to Italy from the UK I’m planning to bring my 300 cc quad bike on a trailer attached to my car. I want to leave the quad at my property in Italy and use it to get back and forth from house to vineyard etc. A friend has suggested that I should find out if there is any red tape around ‘importing’ the vehicle...... If anyone has any info I’d be very grateful. Many thanks.

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Family coming to visit and I want to hire bikes for 2 weeks in Vada / Cecina / Rosignano area.Does anyone know anywhere that does bike hire that is not hourly? They don't have to speak English.Thanks.

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Does anyone know how a foreign person living overseas, who own property in Italy, can go about buying a car. Do they have to have a permesso di sorgiorno, even if they buy a car from a private person, without going through a car dealer? I met a couple who would like to buy a car and leave it here in Italy, for when they visit their holiday home avoiding paying expensive rental rates. Also, if they live outside of Italy,, is there someone who would offer car insurance to cover their car in Italy?

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Hello everyone! I am looking to rent a 6-8 passenger van from July 15-18th. A private rental is fine. Can pay 100 euro per day. I will need to drive a film crew from the BBC. Thanks for any help!

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Anyone know a good bike shop in Livorno? Close to San Jacopo area preferably. Thanks. Also looking for a bike to purchase. Adult female style.

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Just got slapped a €177 fine for doing 12kms over the limit!!!!!!!!! €177!!!!!!! Am I the only one that thinks this is ABSURDLY expensive. I've never had that size a fine in my life! Do the councils here decide their own fine system? I mean, really €177 for 12 kms over is madness. It's not like any job in this country pays well enough to justify that kind of money. Why oh why do I stay?

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Security note for all drivers in Italy. The emergency 116 number for breakdown assistance no longer works. Use the number 803-116 to contact the ACI directly.

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