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Hi we have a place near Bagni di Lucca - 565 m high and hope to be arriving there next week. I am now told that by law we need to carry snow chains from 1 Dec- 15 April if travelling over 200 m I have never used snow chains - Could someone please enlighten me on the law concerning this and anything else I might need to now about fitting them etc Also, I have a 4x4 - must snow chains be fitted to all 4 wheels? If only 2 , which 2 And - I see they are available them in in metal or a "canvas type material" - what's the difference; are they both acceptable Any help would be appreciated....Thanks in advance

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Does one have to have a Carta di Residenza to buy a car in Italy?

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There will be a petrol strike in Italy for the next three days. Gas stations will stop selling and pumps will run dry from 7pm today until 7am on Friday 11th November. This article (in Italian) explains more :http://www.ilmessaggero.it/articolo.php?id=169139&sez=HOME_INITALIA ----Classifieds & Discussions Administrationtuscany.forums@angloinfo.com

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An Italian friend forwarded this to me. Does this mean that they want you to travel for free on ATAF buses with a smartphone to help them with the survey?Sounds like a sweet deal to me. http://www.in-time-project.eu/en/test_users/test_users_italiano.htmIzzy

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A couple of friends are planning a holiday in Italy next year, bringing an old Ducati from Singapore to show it where it was made. They are planning to travel for three months and then will ship the bike to their new home in Canada. Has anyone any idea about on road stuff like registration, customs etc. Any help greatly appreciated.

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Hi, Can anyone advise me on the procedures to sell a used car here? What are the documents that are needed? I needed to produce the Carta di Identita when I purchase a 2nd hand car. Now that I am selling, do I need to do likewise? Trying to figure out when to sell and when to release my documents (Permesso di Soggiorno & Carta di Identita), I was told that I needed to surrender the documents back to the Comune before leaving.Any idea on whether a transaction can be done immediately? Recalled that buying took some waiting.Any advise will be appreciated!Thank you.Kelrecis

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Does anyone know where to buy the covers that keep your legs dry when driving a moped in the rain? I've seen them on mopeds around Florence but never for sale. Thanks.

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What insurance does everyone use? My policy is coming up for expiary and I just thought I'd ask - see if anyone has tips on how to get the cheapest possible.....

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Can anyone recommend a bike repair shop in Florence please? The one I went to last time charged me a fortune and I felt a bit ripped off. Thanks, Charlie

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Has anyone ever shipped a motorino / scooter to the UK? If so, is it worth it or is it better to buy in the UK?Thanks.

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Can anyone recommend a company here in Italy that offers similar services to that of the AA and RAC in the UK? Thanks.

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I'd like some information on how to get the text message tickets from the Florence buses. Is it difficult and does it cost the same?

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Hi Can anyone help me with my task....I am looking for right hand drive cars in countries that drive on the LEFT!! I am hoping that someone can point me in the right direction,maybe by giving me info about appropriate magazines or maybe putting me in contact with car traders.You may be able to source these cars yourself for me. This is a business i am doing so any car i purchase through yourself will result in commission for you. Please contact me via email which is; mylonas7400@hotmail.co.uk Thanks,Kind regards Steven

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We recently purchased a second home near Bagni di Lucca and would like to buy a Vespa and/or a small car. We intend to spend around 6 months in Tuscany and both hold full UK car driving licenses. Are we able to purchase and if so, what documents will we need and are their any restrictions as to the cc of a scooter?

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Constantly getting overcharged by taxis in the centre of Florence. Does anyone know of a decent, reliable taxi driver / company?

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Does anyone know where I can buy one of the adventure driving days in Italy? I can only find them for the UK but the added cost of the flight makes a big difference. Son's b'day coming up.... Isn't it possible to Drive a Ferrari for a Day in Italy?!?Thanks for any help.

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Anyone know of any cheap parking close to Bologna airport? 7 night parking.......covered if possible, thanks.

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Due to the snow and bad weather conditions, the Mayor of Florence has suspeded the ZTL in the city centre to permit movement of its residents and visitors. From 13:40 today it is possible to pass through the centre without the required ZTL pass. http://press.comune.fi.it/hcm/hcm54185-1_Maltempo,+il+sindaco+Renzi+sospende+la+ztl.html

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Free bus to the centre of Florence every 20 mins from the car parks in Parterre, Fortezza, Montelungo and Alberti. Thought you might like to know.

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Anyone know how much it costs for a single into the centre from Scandicci? And how frequently does the tram run? Thanks.

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