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Looking to get a dresser transported from Massa area to Livorno. A friend has very kindly donated me one of her dressers and I'm looking for a way of getting it down the road. It's not a very valuable object so I don't want to pay a fortune to get it down. Anyone with a van willing to earn a couple of euro?

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Hi, like to find out if anyone know where I can get an english version of the Italian Highway Code? I need one to revise for the theory test. Thanks.

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What are the rules and regulations in Italy for me to teach my son to learn to drive? Is it the same as the UK I just have to put a learner plate on the car?If so what's the learner plate for Italy?

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Does anyone know where to look to get all of the information on converting a U.S. driver's license to an Italian driver's license?

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Hi, We are moving from Melbourne, Australia to Siena in July 2010. We have 4 children so require a car with 7 or 8 seats. I am having trouble finding a site whereby I can get a listing of all 7-8 seater cars for sale. We would be looking for a 2nd hand one. Does anyone have any suggestions about a reliable model? I ideally would like one whereby the back seats are split folded so you can have 5,6 or7 seats up. Is their a particular website which is good(like carsales.com.au in Australia). Thanking you in advance.

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We are a group of three families coming to rent a villa near Lucca this summer. Can anyone recommend a good transfer service for 9 kids and 6 adults from Pisa airport. And that may do dinner excursions too. Many thanks for your help, Louise

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Just found an Italian mechanic near Cecina who speaks great English!If anyone wants his number, send me an email.

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Just picked up a 2nd hand scooter to run around in but the seat is in a bad state. Anyone have any idea where you go to get new seat covers for a moped in Italy?Also need to replace one of those windshield thinggys that blocks the rain - apparently the sun causes them to become opaque. Had no idea.

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Can anyone explain why these things are so complicated. Whilst I appreciate the idea of being able to buy fuel at any time of the day or night, why oh why are they all individual and equally confusing?One takes cards, the next says it does but refuses all of mine. One wants the fuel selection first, the next the payment first. AAarrrggghhh!Has anyone else almost come to tears over filling up the car?Charlie

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Does anyone have any idea how to go about getting a license to drive a moped? The boys did theirs through the local school but my mother is coming over and she doesn't have a driver's license but I would like to get her to do the moped license so that she will be able to be mobile when over here. Any help much appreciated.

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Just read in the paper that a Drink & Drink company (as in YOU drink WE drive) has arrived on the Etruscan Coast. You can call them to come in their fold-up scooter and drive your car home from the restaurant / bar.I remember it being talked about on here when they started in Florence.Marilena Rossa and her daughter Jenifer Johnson (doesn't sound very Italian, does it?) are running it from Cecina Marina and can be called on 3319000166 or 3496173591.

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Does anyone know how to work out the cost of the "bollo" or road tax for a car? I'm looking at changing cars and have been warned to watch out for the cost of the bollo as it could be up to as much as €800 / €900 annually! Also - to change the name on a car - how do you work out how much that's going to cost you?

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We are driving from France to Turkey and want to visit Florence on the way. Would anyone be able to recommend accommodation outside of Florence near to a railway station where we could catch a train into the city as we do not want to drive in. Thank you

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Is there a train station at Lido di Camaiore? Or how do you get there by public transport?I can't find it on google maps.Gemma

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Does anyone have any suggestions for the best car rental agency in Florence? Any good/bad experiences to share? I rent a car about 4/5 times a year for a couple of days each time, and maybe once or twice for longer periods.Thanks for your help.David

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Dear forum users, for those of you who use the station in Pisa, could you tell me if you pay or not? There is often a person in the bathrooms next to the McDonalds but I'm not sure if this person is stationed there as a goodwill gesture or what is going on.I tend to put less than 50 cents in the box if I have it in change (it's better than the toilets on trains) but I'd love to know if everyone does or not.Moira

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I know a tram isn't a car or a bike or, unless you work for ATAF, driving, but there isn't a discussion area for travel by public transport. It seems, as wonderful as the new Florence tram is, few people seem to knoow if you can use the same ticket as you do for buses. Not surprising as ATAF offer very little information on there website about the tram routes and tram use. Anyway, for those who don't know: it's the same ticket.

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Driving behind an ATL bus this morning and saw an advert for the Livorno to Pisa Airport bus service. I had no idea there was one! Can't find an more info about it. Does anyone know from where and how often it leaves?Thanks.

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Hi there Does anyone know of somewhere that will do the unleaded to LPG conversion here? I am considering it for my juice guzzler. I know you can buy kits but it's probably not a good idea for me to try doing it myself! lol! Any info appreciated!

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Due to recent theft, I now need a town bike for getting around Florence.Open to all offers.Emma

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