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New initiative in Florence - from 3rd April, it's possible to use your parking ticket to ride the bus for free. It’s a pilot scheme to see how much it will be used…..car parks Piazza Alberti, Pieraccini, Oltrarno, Fortezza Fiera, Porta al Prato, Parterre, Sant'Ambrogio, binario 16 di Santa Maria Novella, Europa e Piazza Beccarla are all included in the scheme so if you park there you can use your ticket for 90 mins on the ATAF buses.

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I've just spoken to Automobile Club d'Italia, Firenze to learn about registering our camper here. They advised NOT to use their service, as it takes longer and the engineer at the Motorizzazione keeps giving different answers. Instead I need to translate the V5 (UK registration certificate), then take it to the Tribunale (Piazza San Martino) to "giurare" (swear? verify?) the translation. I wil need to ask Volkswagen for a certificato delle caratterizazione, which will cost €150-200. Finally we can go to the Motorizzazione in Via Lucchese, Osmannoro and the engineer will do something else, which will cost us a further €250. I'm posting this not only as I think it is different to the other information on the forum, but also to find out if anyone has done this before, especially the translation part. Many thanks, Alison

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Dear all, once upon a time I came across details of a lovely man who specialised in landrover repairs somewhere near Lucca. Now, when this information is needed, I cannot put my hand on his contact details.Does anyone know where he is, or direct me to someone else who can carry out mechanical repairs on a landrover.Many thanks, Gemma

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Anyone tried the new tram in Florence??

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Hello everyone, I'm looking for someone with a van to move me, about 8 boxes and a bicycle to Nice, France. That's 440km. I want to move next week, preferably Thursday or Friday.I also need to ship a few boxes to the UK, if anyone is driving back there and is interested in taking a few things for a fee.Please reply by including your contact details.ThankyouMathias

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They have taken away all the bike racks at the Santa Maria Novella Station. Where are we supposed to park bikes now? Charlie

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Until the 16th January, you can travel free of charge on the following bus routes in Pisa after 16:00 - an initiative to try and encourage people to come to the city by train or park outside and use the buses to get into the centre. LAM Rossa, Parcheggio Pietrasantina – Stazione FS; LAM Verde, Pratale – Paparelli – Stazione FS; LAM Blu, Cisanello – Stazione FS; Navetta E, Lungarni – Paparelli – La Fontina. You can also park for free in selected car parks if you present a receipt for €20 worth of goods bought in town on that day. For a map of free parking and buses, follow the link below:http://www.nataleapisa.com/?page_id=13 Happy Shopping!

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From 7th December to 10th January with ATAF you can win up to €10,000 in a promotion to try and encourage people to use public transport and not abandon the centre of Florence given the new pedestrianisation. A weekly draw will take place starting 16th December until 13th January. Prizes worth a total of €20,000 will be given away. 4 vouchers each worth €500, that can be used in any of the shops sponsoring the initiative, throughout 2010. In order to enter the draw you have to submit a receipt of any sort (shop, theatre, cinema....) together with a validated 2 way bus ticket (no earlier than Dec.7th for the first draw). Your entry will then be submitted to the draw of the week. Entries are unlimited and you can submit every week.On 20th January, final draw for the Super prize donated by “Starwood, Hotel & Resort Worldwide”: The prize is 4 breaks for 2 people in 5 star hotels in Barcelona, Paris, Rome and Venice. The will also be 200 consolation prizes drawn.Draw dates: 16/12/2009 draw of entries from 7-13 Dec. Il 23/12/2009 draw of entries from 14-20 Dec. Il 30/12/2009 draw of entries from 21-27 Dec. Il 7/01/2010 draw of entries from 28 -3 Jan. Il 13/01/2010 draw of entries from 4-10 Jan. Il 20/01/2010 final draw

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I am writing this posting in the Cars, Bikes and Driving forum because I couldn't see where else to enter this topic, but strictly speaking it has to do with trains.And more specifically, the conveniences on regional trains.I got on a regional train today and was shocked to find that the exit from the little girls room is, in fact, a hole in the ground onto the track! Is this just for the train I got on or is this most of them?I had heard people (generally American students) saying this before on the way to Pisa airport but thought that they were exaggerating. Is anyone else as shocked as I am? Or am I somewhat naive?Izzy

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Hi there, So what's the full story.....do I have to change my car to an Italian reg. or is it possibile to drive in Italy with a British regestered car? What does anyone else do - did you bring your car over here or did you jsut buy an Italian one? It's a bit of a grey area. I'd like to know all the facts, pluses, minuses etc. before taking the plunge. Thanks.

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Communication from Siena Buses From 21:00 on Wednesday 11th November until 06:00 on Thursday 12th November, parts of Piazzale Rosselli will be closed to public transport in direction centre. The bus routes affected by this are: 4, 7, 8, 9, 10, 606, 611, 620, 621, 622 and 625 in direction Viale Mazzini. They will deviate to the underpass of the train station. The bus stop at the train station, direction centre will be temporarily moved to Viale Mazzini, on the accident bay at the Malizia round-a-bout. Via del SoleChanges to the minibus lines due to the temporary closure of Via del Sole on Thursday 12th November from 09:00 to 12:00. The minibuses will not be going as far as Piazza del Mercato but will deviate in Via Pantaneto, Logge del Papa, Via del Porrione. Busdeparture times from Logge del Papa will be the same as the usual departure times from Piazza del Mercato. Via del CasatoFrom 10:00 on Saturday 14th November until 08:00 on Sunday 15th November, Via del Casato and Piazza del Campo will be closed to transit. Line 590 from Porta Tufi will be subject to some changes. Deviation in Strada dei Tufi, Cerchiaia, Valli: It will then re-join its usual route in Logge del Papa. No changes to the routes arriving from Due Ponti direction.

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Can anyone please help me understand how does the Telepass work? We got our residency parking permit and the yellow Telepass, but the guy didn't speak English, so we didn't understand exactly how it works. (And the contract is about 5 pages long, in Italian only). He took my credit card info and only said that I will get my invoice (faktura) by e-mail. The thing that concerns me is- every time we drive by the Punto Blu offices, the sign says to come to recharge your Telepass, I guess it's for a similar service...Any comments and observations will help. Thanks!

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So I was happily cycling to work this morning down my usual route and saw a car coming at me going the wrong way down a one way street. Since I do this all the time on the bike, I decided just to move out of the way and let him come on - although I was a bit surprised that he didn't even try to slow down. Next thing you know, there is a bus doing the same thing!Well, it turns out that the street has changed direction so please everyone be careful not to get yourselves killed over the next few days as havoc reign supreme.

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Having missed my usual Lucca ovest exit on the motorway from Pisa, I took the next one - Lucca est and was surprised to find that it costs a whole 20 cents less. How is this possible? I go further on the motorway - to the exit beyond - and pay less.

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Can someone please tell me the equivalent number in Italy of the AA or the RAC - where do I call if my car breaks down and I need to be towed? I've been meaning to find this out for a while now and kept forgetting to ask!

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Dear all, I was reading an article in La Nazione about a new service by two local guys where they provide a taxi service for people who have taken their car out but have had a drink. They will arrive on a scooter to where you are, then fold the scooter up and put it in the boot of your car (trunk) and drive you and your family/friends home. And of course, when the drop you off, they take the scooter out of the back and zip off to their next job!A fantastic service, but I didn't keep the article and don't remember their name or how to contact them.Does anyone else remember it?Thanks, Helen

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Can anyone please tell me where to call when your car has been towed? We parked in front of the central Post office on Piazza Repubblica. Thank you for help (we would like to see it soon).

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A friend of mine is looking for a driving school with an English speaking instructor for her daughter. If anyone has come across one, please let me know. Oh, I think the daughter is based in Florence.

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First of all, how do people do it? There are some roads where I get off and walk as the road-surface is just too much. I just don't understand how there are so many people who can cycle over those cobblestones. After only a couple of days, my delicate derriere aches.All local councillors should be forced to cycle round town for a week to have an idea of what it is like.Second of all, something which can be replied to hopefully! I have no idea how often you are meant to fill up your tyres with air but I can imagine that it has to be twice as often as normal here in florence! Has anyone any advice? And where to go would also be helpful.Many thanks, Maryt

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Just discovered that the petrol costs more at the manned pumps at the petrol station! It's not like the UK where this is considered a service included - if you choose the "servito" pumps you are paying about 3/4 cents a litre more for your petrol!! I think this should be made clearer - is it like that in the States?

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