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For Sale: TREK mountain bike. Very good condition. Very solid. I spent over 90 euros little more than a year ago for new cables, tires and tubes, ecc. Asking 100 euros. Please reply to this ad if interested and I'll contact you!

started by: Izzy-764467 · last update: 1252595804 · posted: 1248544033

I have been told that it is easier to get a bus from Florence to Siena but I don't know where to get it from and what time it goes. Does anyone know where to find this information? Thanks, Izzy

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Would anyone know about insuring a British reg. car in Italy? What companies do it, and does it make it more expensive or is it cheaper to insure a left-hand drive? Thnx

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Driving on the highway in Tuscany, I noticed the central carriageway has hedges which are often in flower. They must be a very strong flower - all the smog, and movement that they are exposed to. Does anyone know the name of them. Maybe it'd be the one plant that I wouldn't be able to kill with my black fingers.

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Hi, I am coming over to Tuscany for 8 months in September and I am bringing my car and I believe I don't have to register it in Italy for 6 months. For the sake of the extra two months I will be there is there anyway I can get out of registering it to save all the hassle and paperwork when I return to the UK?? Any suggestions would be gratefully appreciated, thankyou.

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They have just opened a new "low cost" car park at Pisa airport - for people needing to leave the car for over 1 week, the P4 car park is €7 a day. Follow signs for Parcheggio Sosta Lunga Est (P4)

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Just to let you know that there is a petrol strike from this evening, for 48 hours so be sure to fill up your car before the day's out.

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Hi I am coming over to Italy in September for 8 months as a mature student for my year abroad placement. I will be living in Casole d'Elsa in Tuscany and I will be driving over using the Euro tunnel. I am bringing my dog with me (couldn' bear to leave him behind for so long!) and wondered whether any one could help me with the best route through France and Italy to get to my destination that will be best for travelling with the dog and hopefully with some pet friendly campsites on route for us to stay in?? With only 9 weeks to go I have so much to get planned and sorted and am feeling very anxious and nervous about leaving my home and hubby but I know(hope) it will be worth it for the experience. Any tips and advice would be very much appreciated. Thanks for reading this.

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Does any one know the cost off registering an English car in Italy car . Thank's Dave.

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Hi, Does anyone know the address of the office where I can get a resident parking permit for parking my car on our street? I was given a website to look at but it's in Italian and I can't read all of it. Is it hard to do? I presume I just bring my resident permit and something to prove I live in that street? thanks!!

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We are moving to Florence in April. We intend to drive so we will have our car with us. Our apartment is in the centre of Florence (near Santa Croce). Can anyone tell us what we need to do re parking, bringing our car into the city or where we can leave it. Thanks Paul

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Hi all. Has anyone been through the process of changing an International license to an Italian one? I've just met someone with an Australian issued international license and she will need to change it to an Italian one. Can anyone point me in the right direction? Also, she's been driving an automatic for the past 20 years and wants to know if it's possible to do the test in an automatic car? Thanks for any help.

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Hi All, Does anyone know of any websites (translated in English preferrably) that show road conditions for driving ie if we want to drive up to the north of Italy, how do we see if there is snow on the road, or floods etc. Thanks!

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I'd like to know if anyone has had the same experience as me, or if there are any lorry drivers reading that can explain this......... on several occasions, driving both motorways and A-roads, after overtaking lorries they start flashing their headlights at me. Initially I thought it was just to let me in, then I thought maybe I was driving too close to them when overtaking but it's happened so many time now (on one occasion I pulled over to check the back lights were working and I though maybe they were trying to tell me something) but nothing! I don't understand it. Can anyone shed any light on this?

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Did anyone else get stranded by the train strike yesterday? Where can you find out about this in advance? I battled my way to the station (with no idea as to why the buses were so busy) to find all trains suspended. Needless to say that I was less than impressed. The Tren Italia website didn't mention it!

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I will be shipping my car from NY to Rome. But what happens to my insurance in the states. I assume they don't cover overseas. So do I have to get insurance in Italy? I will not be a resident, I will not have whatever official papers I'll need. So what is the best way to handle this? Thanks for your help. Claudia

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what do I need to do to be able to drive there? I have a Texas drivers license.

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Have you ever heard the like - a driver in Sicily was forced to resit his driving test because he did not have the necessary psycho-physical requirements since he was gay! He has just won damages at the High Court in Catania.

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Thought this might be of interest to some AngloINFOers - the comune of Florence has published a new map of the cycle routes....... http://www.comune.firenze.it/servizi_pubblici/tras

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Hi everyone. In case you didn't know, there is a lorry-driver strike in Italy at the minute - that explains all the pictures of traffic on the news..... But I didn't put 2 and 2 together and think that lorry driver strike = no petrol delivered to petrol stations = people going nuts and everyone filling their car = no petrol left for people like me who didn't put 2 and 2 together fast enough. Anyone know of a petrol station with reserves still left in the Florence area?

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