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Hi everyone, just a quick question. If you lose a number plate from your motorino vespa where do you go to get it replaced? Thanks, Izzy

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Is it difficult to get a driving licence in Italy ? thanks...

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I'd just like to know whether or not it is written in the Italian Highway Code that if you are driving very fast and want to pass someone in fast lane of the motorway then you have to continuously flash your head lights and drive right up their rear. It's just too common an occurance for it to be ignorant drivers. It drives me mad!

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Can anyone tell me where to find a copy of the highway code in English to pass a driving test in Italy. Thanks, Kadidja

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Hey everyone, happy new year etc. But I have some very very exciting news to share. I just found out about a super scheme (new to me but the taxi driver told me it has been going for two years) of taxi share for people going in the same direction from the centre of town. If you pick up a taxi from SMN station or Piazza Republicca you can get a flat rate of €5 if you are at least three people going to the same area. There is a little diagram outside of the Santa Maria Novella station which explains it much better than I can, so call over and have a look. The driver told me that hardly anyone uses the service but that foreigners were quicker to pick up on it than Italians, I wonder why?

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Hi all. Like last year, the Florence city council have put on a free bus to bring people into the historical centre for their Christmas Shopping. Leave the car outside the city as, on the weekends on the run-up to X-mas, there are various circulation restrictions. So, in oreder to avoid a heafty fine, here are the routes of the 4 FREE navettes. Line 101: Parterre-Duomo (Red line) Parterre (via Mafalda di Savoia), piazza Indipendenza (between via Ridolfi and via Nazionale), via Panicale (just before via Chiara), via Nazionale (where it meets via dell'Ariento), largo Alinari (corner of piazza Stazione), via Panzani (where it meets piazza dell'Unità), via Martelli (corner of via dei Biffi), piazza San Marco (on the side of the Ataf kiosk), piazza della Libertà (after viale Matteotti) and return to Parterre. Line 102: Beccaria-Santa Croce (yellow line) Viale Amendola (just before piazza Beccaria), viale Giovine Italia (after via dell'Agnolo), lungarno della Zecca Vecchia (after piazza Piave), Corso Tintori (before via dei Benci), via Verdi (after piazza Santa Croce), via Ghibellina (corner of via dei Macci and after via delle Casine), viale Amendola (2 stops: one before via Arnolfo and the other before via Fra' Angelico). Line 104: Vittorio Veneto-Santa Maria Novella (blue line) Via Solferino (before piazza Vittorio Veneto), via Montebello (after via Garibaldi), via Curtatone (before lungarno Vespucci), Borgo Ognissanti (after via Maso Finiguerra), via Santa Lucia (after Borgo Ognissanti), via degli Orti Oricellari (before via della Scala), via Alamanni (before piazza Stazione), via della Scala (after via Canacci), piazza Santa Maria Novella (at the end of via della Scala), 2 stops in via Palazzuolo (before via dell'Albero and before via Rucellai). Line 105: Fortezza-piazza Strozzi (purple line) Viale Strozzi (in the tourist bus car-park), via Guido Monaco (before via Cittadella), via Alemanni (after via Orti Oricellari), pizza Stazione (at the Carabinieri station), via Vecchietti (before via del Campidoglio), piazza Antinori (before via degli Agli), piazza Unità (before piazza Stazione), piazza Stazione (at the arrivals side)

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I was in Pisa on Saturday and my usual route was blocked off. Had a diversion to get over the bridge next to the Fire Station - those familiar with Pisa will know where that is. Just thought I'd let you know. It's not a big diversion and quite easy to get back to the original road - unlike other diversions that I've come across!!

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There will be a no-traffic day in the centre of Florence on Sunday 25th November from 08:30 to 18:00. The traffic ban covers the municipal area of Florence. Public transport will run normally, as will emergency services. Cars displaying disability notices are permitted to drive. Anyone needing attend religious services, children's events or other necessary car journeys should prepare an auto-declaration stating why and where they are going, specifying the route.

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Is it just me or are taxis excessively expensive in Florence. I travel Europe quite a bit but Florence seems to be very pricey.

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Got stopped by the police who wanted me to do something with my driving licence and go back to see them. Any ideas what I have to do? I thought European licences were ok from one country to the next.

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My least favorite thing about Italy today #248..... I keep travelling the same stretch of motorway and get charged a different price every time. Is this normal or am I doing something strange.

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Does anyone know where to park in Florence? I'm going up to the US Street Fair on the 15th and I remember from the last time that it's impossibile to navigate in the car with all the ZTL (zona di traffico limitato)and parking is only for residents or really expensive in the car parks. Is there out of town parking with a coutesy bus to the centre anywhere? Would take the train but I have a load of stuff to bring for the fair!

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Has anyone ever heard of Euro status for a car? I heard it talked about last night and I hadn't a clue what they meant.... but was too afraid to ask.

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