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Hi, I'm asking this on behalf of an elderly couple who own an old farmhouse. Apparently they made changes to the property many years ago before it was necessary to apply for planning permission , they say. They have been informed that , to be able to sell, they have to return it to its original state. Can anyone advise / recommend someone ? TIA

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Hi, is there an English speaking lawyer or a law center that provides free legal assistance or advice on a medical malpractice case in Florence?

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We married in Italy in July. We are permanent residents here. We have current UK wills but are wanting to find out which type of Italian will we should make. We do not own a property, so our assets consist of bank accounts and personal possessions. Can anyone shed light on this please?

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Hi there,I wonder if anyone could help with this question: I've just moved to Lucca from London and have two businesses registered in the UK which I woud like to leave there. Is this legally fine? Can I just continue to pay my taxes in England? I'm quite sure I will need to pay taxes here too, what is your experience/knowledge/advice?Many thanks,Carmen

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I am an American living near Bologna and would like to get an "Ambulante" license so I can sell my artwork, cards, etc. in a market or Christmas fair.  Any ideas?

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Hi can any one help. We have just received a debt collectors request for payment of a supposedly unpaid Rifuti bill  from 2003!!  For a house we owned, but have not lived in and sold over 10 years ago. We thought it had been paid, but only a few months ago we had a clear out and got rid of old bills/paper work, relating to that house. Therefore we have no proof. How long can a debt be chased? Bearing in mind we have not been contacted by that comuni, in years. Help

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Need some advise from an English speaking accountant near Volterra/Siena/Florence

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Hello My partner and I are looking to rent a furnished property in or near Viareggio from the middle of November 2015 to end of May 2016 (6mths). Can anyone tell us vvhat the legal stance is on this please? Ie VVhat's the procedure?  Legalities, and  taxes involved? Any information or helpful links to sites to guide us vvould be highly appreciated. Thank you.

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Hello Can anyone tell me please how to set up a direct debit with Unicredit bank?  I have it online but just don't understand how to do it.  Nor how to send money to pay bills.  Any help would be greatly appreciated. thanks Manxie

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We are looking for a recommendation for a reliable, English speaking accountant in the Arezzo, Tuscany area. Thanks!

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Hi, I'm a citizen of AUS but live in Italy, so I have my various Italian ID documents - I just changed my legal name. Does anyone know what documents I need to fill out to have my drivers licence changed? Or my car registration changed? The Uffizio d'motorizzazione isn't super easy, I find... Thanks!

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Does anyone have an idea how much a notaire would charge for doing a marriage contract?

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Im looking for a good online banking site in italy that has english language and is hassel free, my experience in France with caisse d'epargne is horrible they are eating all my money so im looking for a simple account i can open in italy,that will not eat all my money and can do online banking with, Any advice would be welcomed.  

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Hello We are finding it difficult to work out our charges for IMU and rubbish tax. Does anyone know what the cost of an accountant would be to do this on our behalf.  I know you can do this online but how do I work it out - code for property and value and is the rubbish tax included?  Wouldn't it be lovely if we were sent a bill, so much easier and cheaper. Our taxes have doubled since we bought in 2012 as have the fees to calculate them and we are considering selling up because of this.  We love our house and have paid a lot in renovation works but these taxes are crippling us. Can anyone help please? Thanks Manxie

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Hi everyone, I need some help. I am about to renovate my home here in Lucca, it is not a total rebuild. I have got some information from the Ufficio Delle Entrate that I can claim up to 40% for the year 2015  up to a maximum spend of €90000.00. The work must be commenced before 31 December 2015 I am to.d that it all is refunded via IRPEF but having unsuccessfully tried to download the 32 page tome that AdE have. Does anyone know really how it works ? is it for things like plumbing, heating, kitchens, bathrooms, lighting, etc etc etc. some Italian friends say yes it is for the lot others no! it is only for a rebuild/renovation. So can anyone out there point me in the right direction ? Robert    

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Hello there, Can anyone recommend a good Notaio and Geometra in the Sarzana (Massa Carrara) area please?  Preferably english speaking. We are in the process of buying a house in Italy and although I speak good italian I'm finding the whole process overwhelming. Any suggestions would be much appreciated. Thanks, Kathryn 

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I am in need of a good translator for all my legal documents. Can anyone recommend one?

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I'd like some advice on the best bank to have an account with - does anyone know if there is any bank that doesn't have excessive bank charges? And what about a bank that allows inter-European exchanges without too much hassle? I'm talking about mainly UK-Italy transactions, so sterling to Euro and vice-versa.

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Hello, I am looking for someone to notarize a document for my bank in Florida regarding a short sale of my house there. If you know of anyone in the Tuscan area, I live in Scandicci, please forward my information. Thank you, Cheryl 0558259579

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Hello When are IMUs paid?  We purchased a property in December 12 and as far as we believed all the taxes were paid on our first payment to the Notary and Gemotra (Gemotra had €1600 cash on a property purchase of €100,000 plus €1,000 survey).  We also paid €1,000 for utilities  in June 13 and the agent informed us that the IMUs were paiid in June 13 and they also took money for the accountant.  She keeps saying she paid the first IMU when we ask for the June receipts but when was thE first payment due?  Believe me, we have asked but we have been outsmarted so many times on money. Do we pay IMU when we purchase the property or is it due in June for the 6 months we have owned it, or is it in advance?  I've tried ringing the Commune but I can't speak Italian very well.  Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you for any help.

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