Accountancy Fees for paying IMUs Bagni di Lucca

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Hello We are finding it difficult to work out our charges for IMU and rubbish tax. Does anyone know what the cost of an accountant would be to do this on our behalf.  I know you can do this online but how do I work it out - code for property and value and is the rubbish tax included?  Wouldn't it be lovely if we were sent a bill, so much easier and cheaper. Our taxes have doubled since we bought in 2012 as have the fees to calculate them and we are considering selling up because of this.  We love our house and have paid a lot in renovation works but these taxes are crippling us. Can anyone help please? Thanks Manxie

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Hi there, You really shouldn't need an accountant to do this. Go to the comune with a copy of your visura in hand and ask someone in the ufficio tributi to help you. Good luck! Margaret

Manxie-919953 1426804638

Thank you Margaret, sorry to ask but what is a visura?  We are going there soon but it's a problem when you don't live there and don't understand the charges Twice yearly.   Wish we'd had looked into it more before we bought there but it is lovely And the best is yet to come.

bye, Manxie

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            I know many ex-pat friends that pay the taxes at their local offices without difficulty. In the past, I think one of the problems has been that the precise amount of the tax payable has not been made available until shortly before the date due. If your property is a holiday home, your dates when you are in Italy may not correspond  to the payment dates for the taxes. If your Italian is limited you may wish to shop around for an English speaking accountant to do it for you, but always ask for a fixed fee price beforehand. My Italian accountant has told me that there are plans to combine the IMU and rubbish collection taxes. Obviously no accountant is going to offer you a free service, if you choose this course to solve your problem, it would be a matter of choosing the most economical and trustworthy.




Manxie-919953 1427139207

Thank you Philip.  Our problem is the calculation,  the Commune asks for much less than the accountant, who must be going on a different calculation/coding and their fees are quite high.  Can we pay once a year in June then just pay the difference the following year, does anyone in the Commune speak English?  I think there's been some confusion but our lovely agent is trying to sort it out.  

Thank you again Philip, you're a font of knowledge in these matters.

kind regards, Manxie


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             If your local office want to charge you much less than your accountant for the taxes, why not pay them. After all what they are asking will be the correct amount. The extra amount your accountant is asking could go towards, if not pay for your flights, and you would have the benefit of enjoying your property. It used to be the law that non residents could pay annually, and Italian residents paid twice a year. You could verify with your accountant if this is still the case. 




Manxie-919953 1427153066

Thank you Philip, it looks like we will be going every June to pay our taxes and as you say, have a holiday as well.

Thank you, Manxie.

italianlaw 1427341381

Since our office pays IMU for our clients with property in Italy, we do not see what the problem is once you know the exact amount to pay for each year of unpaid property taxes. The Comune, specifically the Ufficio Tributi (tax office), will tell you the exact amount for each year. (Fact of Italian law: only the last five years is ever due).  You need a copy of a Visura Catastale. On this form is indicated the Rendita Catastale. The tax office or a professional  will know what to do with this number.

strong>Paying the Taxes:

If you have a bank account in Italy, there is a form on line called F24. Use it to wire transfer the amount (Euros, of course). You have to know the Code for the Cumune in question so that funds are transferred into tthe correct Comune "coffer". ....Or, when you are in Italy get the correct post office form. Fill it out and pay in cash. All the necessary information is on the Visura. (if you do not have a copy, we can send you one for your specific property from our office, but there will be a charge)

Of course, if your Italian is limited, you will have problems even understanding both form F23 or the post office form. Philip thinks you should find the most economical service, but not speaking Italian, you have to pay somone to do it correctly for you. So you cannot count "pennies"

Anthony Alioto



Manxie-919953 1427365050

Thank you Antonio for your kind reply, I so wish it were that easy.  I am looking for the Visura, I have our Deeds and will check that.  I have also paid an online service but couldn't get it.  The following has happened so far:

1st payment with an Italian Accountant, checked with the Commune - €250 each for 6 months but we change agents as there were other problems with building work, so the accountant changed, we never knew who he was. He charged just €60 for submitting two F24's every 6 months this included IVA. Fine with this €560 every six months.

2nd payment with another Italian Accountant - over €600 each for six months, the agent who uses him said it has gone up a lot when we questioned it. The charge for the Accountant was €120 for two F24's every six months plus IVA.  Over €1,300 every six months.

3rd payment with an Italian Accountant - again nearly €600 each for six months each plus €120 accountants feeplus IVA.  Over €1,000 for six months.

So we asked our Advocates Accountant, who says nearly €1,000 is correct for two of us every six months but we can pay him much less to calculate it each year.

4th payment with the Commune - under €300 each for six months!  The Agent who paid it on our behalf and got quite a shock.  Luckily we were late paying (still before the 16 December) so the Accountant was not asked.  However we paid over €1,000 as we were asked for this amount and the Agent only found out after the money was sent to them.  All that was asked at the Commune was €280 each for six months.

i don't think anything underhand is going on but the calculations differ so much, why?  Three Accountants, two prices but one Accountant agrees with the Commune but we dont know who he is.  

The house we purchased was not habitable and we have stayed there less than three days in over two years.  We have spent our savings renovating and were considering selling as the IMUs are so high.  Complicated yes but as Philip says, wouldn't you pay the Commune yourself if you had encountered the above and the first time I had heard of the Visura was on this site.  Do you think you can help and what are your charges please?  We have a bank account, know there's an online calculation at the Commune but trusted an Accountant.

Thanks Manxie.


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