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I'd like some advice on the best bank to have an account with - does anyone know if there is any bank that doesn't have excessive bank charges? And what about a bank that allows inter-European exchanges without too much hassle? I'm talking about mainly UK-Italy transactions, so sterling to Euro and vice-versa.

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I have had great luck with CREDEM.

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From my humble experience, don't go near UniCredit. Intesa San Paolo aren't bad (but that may just be the branch here). To do a European bank transfer (online), it's a cost of €1.

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I just saw an advertisement for a free business banking account (watch out for the small print!) on

I'll report back once I have checked it out.

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They're advertising this Che Banca on TV at the moment - an online bank with low costs. Might be worth checking out.

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What about HSBC?  I understand I can open an account in/ the States before arriving in Florence.  I'm assuming they have a branch in Florence.  Thx.

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We were taken by the agent to open a bank account at UniCredit, no-one speaks English at the branch and the money is just sitting there being eaten by charges as we don't know how to use it or close it.  The agent wanted us to send cheques to the workmen but that's a route I wouldn't go down again, so I will watch this space!  We need to put our money somewhere from the account or we will just withdraw it all next time we are over.

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Regarding Italian banks:

I have had two bank accounts with UniCredit for many years.

if you are not officially residing in Italy, one is limited to opening a Conto Estero (account for foreigners residing abroad).

One cannot open an account offically without going to the bank to sign documents. There are always quarterly bank fees which are highter if your not a resident of Italy.

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