Bills on newly bought house help!

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Hi, can anyone tell us the bills we can expect now that we've taken the plunge and bought up in Garfagnana? We realise most of the regular ones will be utilities that depend on our usage, but we need to know the other ones: any taxes, yearly bills and rates etc roughly. We will obviously ask the agents we bought through but just need and approximate list of possibles to be going on with! thanks in advance

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What I know about is "ICI" and this depends on the size of your house. Apparently Berlusca is trying to do away with it for First houses so you may not have to pay. Then there is the "rifuiti urbani" which is the waste disposal. We got ours yesterday and it's €74 for the year. I guess that changes depending on what council borough you live in.

If you're going to get a fixed line telephone, shop around, find out the best deal before signing the dotted line because there are big price differences.

If I think of anything else, Ill let you know.

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Have you got a wallet? Open it up nice and wide and watch the money fly out! There's always another job that needs doing - we're getting a skip for a week to tear down a ramshackle old shed at the bottom of the garden - which will then leave a gap in the fence, which will need mending. That's before I even get started with the rubbish in the garage and cleaning up the yard, which always seems to need mowing!

It's a great feeling owning your own place, though.

There are two kinds of people in this world. Those who finish what they've started and so on...

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