Flat Owner Falls out of Tree, Hits Head, goes into

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Donna Mary



coma? (any relation to Keith Richards?). I was contacted by a lady of the name 'Lea', from Costanza Realstate,in Pisa, on 15 Sept., saying that they had a flat in Vle. Italia, Livorno for only 260 euro, everything included. Avail. 1 Oct..Small, but well furnished. The contract/deposit would be taken care of on my arrival from Sicily. Due to a work offer, I took the place site unseen. But never got the address, only next to Farmacia Lotti. With little time, I gave away much of my furniture, boxed up most all of my belongings, took my daughter out of elem. school, paid for moving deposits, train tickets etc., only to be called 24 hrs before leaving for Livorno, telling me that the owner fell out of a tree & that the family wasn't interested in the flat. Was told to keep on hold for one month, which I did, only to be told that the apt. was no longer availible. I spent alot of money to (almost) move to Livorno, my little girl is terriblely stressed, so am I, after losing work here, to go there, not being able to, then also losing work there. Not to mention, a house full of boxes! Is there any LEGAL ACTION that I can take? Thanks, Donna

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purplesally-764401 1227186859

Oh my word Donna Mary! You post has left me open-mouthed. What are you going to do now? Still planning on coming to Livorno if you can find a suitable place or has the job gone along with the flat? What a story. There was a lawyer on here a while ago, maybe you should send him an email.

Donna Mary 1227216338

Hi PurpleSally, No, this is not just a story, but as far as I know, really happened. Yes, me & my daughter do want to move to Livorno. But after this all, I'm wondering if Livorno might be a good place to come to?

We are still looking for a place up there, if you might have any indications for a flat at a reasonalbe price, pls. let me know. Thanks, Donna

Izzy-764467 1227705049

I don't understand the Keith Richards comment but apart from that, what a nightmare. Have you consulted a lawyer re the legal action? There are a lot of English speaking lawyers in this area who should be able to advise.


Donna Mary 1227738226

Hi, I made the 'Keith Richards' comment, from the Rolling Stones, the British group, who fell out of a coconut tree last year, then the group had to cancel their engagments. It was only to try to be funny, about a very serious sitution that happened to me.

If you might know anyone that I could contact for assistance, pls. let me know.

Thanks for your interest, Take care,


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