Getting married in Italy

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Is it very complicated to get married in Italy if you don't live here? And do you have to have a wedding planner or can you do without it?

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Emma-764387 1211036926

Dear Liamq,

see this INFOrmation page for information about getting married in Italy:

Good luck.

Jenny-764402 1211126739

Hi Liam. I'm sure you don't need a wedding planner to get married here. I don't think it's so difficult although I was living here when I sorted out the whole wedding. I'm sure there are some companies that offer advice if you're having a hard time. Or you could just ask here on the Forum. Depends where you're planning to tie the knot - if they have lots of foreigners then the parish themselves will tell you what you have to do. If you're the first then it could be more difficult. Where are you thinking of?

Skybeau 1211422426

I don't think you need a wedding planner Liam, but I've never really looked into it, to be honest. Have you popped the question yet?

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Jimbo-764410 1211422897

Should we all be expecting an invite on the forum?

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purplesally-764401 1211460023

I would approach the embassy for info. I'm sure they can help.

LiamQ 1211466437

Sorry guys, no invites as I'm not the one getting married. I am happily wed (the wife uses this forum too) and the enquiries are for friends from the UK who want to come here for the big day - yikes - I feel a lot of work coming on!

NYGirl 1226601868

There is a wedding fair this weekend at the Fortezza dal Basso in Florence where you should be able to find everything you need!

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