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Hi all, my health insurance from the States will soon be up. Is it cheaper to get it locally or should I stick with my US policy? Thanks for the info. Tim

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if you are here legally (and are generally healthy), you may not need health insurance at all- just sign up for the national health service.

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I am rocky from London. It is said Health is Wealth, so the health is the most important topic of life .

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Hi M, you make it sound very easy, but I have to disagree. Since the law changed in 2007 even if you are here legally eg an EU citizen it has become harder to join the Italian national health service. You have to demonstrate sufficient economic means to qualify for residency ( intend to stay here longer than 3 months) and then if you can do that, the authorities want you to take out a private medical insurance policy. We found this out just by moving house from one comune to another (5 kms away!) and trying to transfer our residency even though we had been resident in Italy for 3 years prior to 2007.

Has anyone else had this experience ?

Ann M

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