How do I file a restaining order

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There is this crazy old woman who keep harrassing me every time I try to drop my kids off/ pick my kids up from school. She screams, yells and make a general scene. I have asked her to stop. I do not know her. She doesn't have kids in the school. I think she's crazy. Anyway it's reached the point that it's becoming uncomfortable for me to take my kids to school. Is there a way that I can file a restrining order against her to keep her away from me and my kids? I'm really at my wits end?

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NYGirl 1242820218

That sounds awful! Where are you? Maybe we should all turn up one day and start hurling abuse at her at the top of our voices in English and see what happens.

Where are you based? Have you spoken to the school authorities?

Have you looked at the lawyers on this site?

purplesally-764401 1242822321

Is this a personal attack on you or does she do it to others? Have you spoken with the other mothers to see if sh'e known for this sort of thing? it must be awful but if you knew you're not the only one, maybe it would be easier to take. Never heard anything like this! I hope it's not because you're a non-Italian.

frstore2 1242822394

I am in florence. I spoke with the head nun at the kids school this morning, and she said that the woman has been banned from the school property. My husband says if it happens again just to call 112.

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