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Hello When are IMUs paid?  We purchased a property in December 12 and as far as we believed all the taxes were paid on our first payment to the Notary and Gemotra (Gemotra had €1600 cash on a property purchase of €100,000 plus €1,000 survey).  We also paid €1,000 for utilities  in June 13 and the agent informed us that the IMUs were paiid in June 13 and they also took money for the accountant.  She keeps saying she paid the first IMU when we ask for the June receipts but when was thE first payment due?  Believe me, we have asked but we have been outsmarted so many times on money. Do we pay IMU when we purchase the property or is it due in June for the 6 months we have owned it, or is it in advance?  I've tried ringing the Commune but I can't speak Italian very well.  Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you for any help.

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