Refunds from Ufficio Delle Entrate, re property renovation 2015

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Hi everyone, I need some help. I am about to renovate my home here in Lucca, it is not a total rebuild. I have got some information from the Ufficio Delle Entrate that I can claim up to 40% for the year 2015  up to a maximum spend of €90000.00. The work must be commenced before 31 December 2015 I am to.d that it all is refunded via IRPEF but having unsuccessfully tried to download the 32 page tome that AdE have. Does anyone know really how it works ? is it for things like plumbing, heating, kitchens, bathrooms, lighting, etc etc etc. some Italian friends say yes it is for the lot others no! it is only for a rebuild/renovation. So can anyone out there point me in the right direction ? Robert    

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winryan 1426799379

Hi Robert, you really need an accountant to help you along the way with  calculating the detrazione. It's important to know beforehand how things should be worded on invoices in order to be able to claim as well. It's a job in itself to stay abreast with the paperwork when you start renovating a house in Italy : )  Good luck. Margaret

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