Setting up a bank account in Italy

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Hi everyone, Has anyone set up an Italian bank account? Not a credit card, just a debit card account. If so, what bank is it with and do they provide internet banking IN ENGLISH? And was it as hard as I'm predicting it to be???? Thank you!

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Have set up an account with banco di roma and yes, with a debit card and yes, they have internet banking, but I don't know if its available in english I'm afraid.

ps They also have a restriction on the numer of times you can use your card and the amounts you can draw. Can be a nuisance, but also help protect you


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I have experience with San Paolo - who have a website in English but I can't say for sure if their internet banking is available in English. Good bank, and were not over the top with residency requirements etc. I even got my mortgage with them.
Though, I have to say that small things like putting my mobile in Italian and using bank machines (which we all understand, in any language) really helped me to learn better so if you are forced to use internet banking in Italian, you'll be surprised how much you'll understand intuitively - and then you'll learn the banking terms in Italian without having to work too hard!

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All I can contribute is - DON'T go to UniCredit. I've had nothing but trouble with them.

With regards to how difficult it is, I needed a document (passport) and proof of address. As with most things here, it makes a difference if you go somewhere where they are used to dealing with foreigners, then they know what they are doing. Don't go to a small branch where they have never opened an account for a non-Italian because they'll cause you all sorts of trouble - given that they just don't know how.

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Thanks everyone, I'm going to go and do it this week.

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Dear Monika,

make sure to check out the AngloINFO Tuscany INFOrmation page on opening a bank account here :

In boca al lupo.


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Well did it go? Any lessons learned to share with us?

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My husband went in and did it and it was very painless and easy! A surprise!! And the website is in English!!

Ciao. Monika

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