work for uk company resident in italy taxed where?

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Hi, I hope so someone can help me as I must have some wrong advice. I am hoping to work for a UK registered company on a self employed/casual work basis whilst resident in Italy. Tasks will be performed by use of internet etc.. and work sent back to UK. (the job is to get clients to advertise with a uk company). Payment will be made into a UK bank account in sterling. I have asked the UK tax office whether my income will be taxed in UK and they say no, having then spoken to my accountant she says it will not be taxed in Italy since the work is for the uk and no work (factory type etc) will be done here. Can anyone advise me on where I should file a return for my income? thanks find me at

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my husband worked for an english company and is resident in italy, we spoke to tax office in uk and was told that we didnt have to pay tax in uk or italy and was given a zero rated tax code all our tax documents were sent to here and we didnt need a uk address, but he was not self employed and he paid his nat ins stamp . hope this helps.

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Hi Sam,

thanks for the useful information, so maybe there was some truth in what I was told. Was it long ago that your husband did the work or long ago? Was he employed by the Uk company or working freelance/casual work?

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hi helen

he was employed on a perm basis and he has just left because we are returning to live in uk, so it was very recent. I checked his p60 and he had an NT tax code, so did the companies other employees who also live here.


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