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We are looking to purchase a restored farm house near Volterra but are having a difficult time finding market comparisons. We know there is not an MLS system similar to the US. Does anyone know if there is a process in which we can locate the average cost per square meter for properties being sold and have sold in a particular area?   Thanks!

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Now that we have had a baby we can see how important it is to have a will drawn up. Can anyone explain how to go about doing this in Italy?

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Does anyone know how the costs of a notary are calcutated for the purchase of an apartment?  Value 260,000?   Of course there will be IVA... 22%.  Thanks for any advise.

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I am an Australian working in a research position at an Italian university. My contract with the university was for a period of one year, with option for renewal for an extra year. We are approaching the end of the first year and the university wants to renew the contract for the extra year. My National Visa (motive work) and Permesso di Soggiorno both expire in November at the end of the first contracted year.   Can anyone tell me about the requirement for a visa when applying to extend the Permesso di Soggiorno? Is it absolutely necessary to hold a visa to extend the permesso, or can it be extended in its own right, without a new visa? I can't find an online source that is clear on this issue. If I do need to reapply for a visa, are there any options for doing so without returning to Australia? Thanks, Alex

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We have been told that the government announced earlier this year that they are going to take the tax allowance, 10k per annum, from ex-pats who rent UK property while they are resident elsewhere. What our Mp fails to realise is that pensions are also considered income so when the proposed change happens this will effect all pensioners who live abroad too. Perhaps there are other points we've missed that will effect ex-pats? They Govenment are soon to go into consuktation about this, and if no-obe brings this matter to the fore, it will be a done deal before the next election and probably never to be challenged. We don't have rental property but can't aford to lose 10k from our pensions and why should we,  just because we chose to live in Europe and we've earned our retirement and consider this morally wrong and "picking our pocket" because we can't make a fuss from a distance. Has anyone asked their Mp about this or got more information? Any suggestions on how to protest in a way they'll take notice before they bulldoze this bill through?

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Hi, does anyone know of a US or UK lawyer in the Livorno or Pisa area? It's not the language, but the culture and mind set. thanks, donnamarytucker@yahoo.com

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Hi All.   Well, I'm caught up with two separate issues here in Florence.  First, I just received my Permesso di Soggiorno and the date is incorrect.  The Permesso was granted for 2 years, but when I received it, it is good for only one year.  I was wondering if it is worth the effort to try to get the date corrected.  Second, the Comune doesn't like my "tourist" rental contract, but I am perfectly happy with both the apartment and my landlords.  Is it absolutely required that I register residency with the Comune?  I'd rather not move to a new apartment just to get a "resident" rental contract.  I have my own medical insurance from the U.S., I don't plan to get a driver's license, etc. Thanks in advance. 

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I am looking to rent out an apartment in Florence to tourists on short holiday lets. Can anyone recommend a local manager to help me with check-ins, cleaning etc?Thanks in advance Robert

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Is there any on line examples of standard building contracts for new builds and restorations?

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Hi all, I need to transder funds from the UK to Italy on a monthly basis to cover bills etc. Just woundering what specialist UK currency companies you are using to do this? Looking to get a better rate than you get from a typical high street bank. ;-)  

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Is IVA now at 22%

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My sister and I spend a good deal of time in Tuscany. We have dual citizenship in the USA and Ireland. We are trying to find an economical way to have a car we can both drive.  Does anyone have any suggestions?   

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I have been turned down for a mortgage twice now due to my work contract not being Italian. Can anyone recommend a broker who could help me secure a mortgage please?

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I'd like to hear from anyone who has set up as a sole trader here in Italy. I am thinking of setting up my own business but find the administration side a bit daunting to say the least.

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Help I bought something cash yesterday, I have the  full scontrino, but it doesn’t fit. I already know they do not have anything else suitable in the shop. I don’t want credit notes I want cash so I can buy it somewhere else. What is the law regarding this?

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I need to fill out the IMU tax form.  Does anyone have any advice as to best do this please?

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Does anyone have savings in an Italian bank and if so, are they worried about them at all? I don't know if I should be looking at getting my savings out of the bank or is it all just scare-mongering?

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in the Pisa area specialized in the Legge Penale/ Codice Penale . A go get it lawyer , American style and not a " wait and see" lawyer Italian style. Any suggestions ? Any help will be appreciated.Thank youVanda

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The Florence Prefect has informed the U.S. Consulate General in Florence that all residents who do not complete a required census questionnaire, risk losing their residential status. 70% of U.S. citizens legally residing in Florence have not responded to the mandatory census report. Each household should have received an envelope from ISTAT (Italian National Statistical Institute) asking all legal residents to complete the on-line census questionnaire censimento@comune.fi.it. Otherwise, the password may be requested in person at the Florence City Hall office located on Via dei Perfetti Ricasoli, 74. The office is open to the public from 9:00am to 5:00pm Monday through Friday and from 9:00am to 1:00pm on Saturdays. The expiration date to complete the questionnaire is February 29, 2012

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Hello everyone,Can anyone recommend an English speaking Lawyer in the Arezzo area? We are needing some legal representation with real estate contracts and water rights. Would appreciate any help. Thanks

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