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Can someone talk me through the steps required to close a partita iva? I had one open for teaching English projects and no longer need it. What do I need to do now to makes sure that it has ben closed properly and the nothing will come back to haunt me. I have an accountant but I have found that it's better to get as many points of view as possible on these kinds of things in Italy.Thanks for any help.

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Hi, I'm looking to raise some capital for essential repairs to the roof of my house, but seem to be drawing a blank with my original mortgage lender. They have told me that the minimum they can lend is 70.000 euros in the form of a new mortgage, and cannot modify my original mortgage. It may be that as I took out the original mortgage from England they still regard me as non-resident, and there may be other products for residents. Has anyone got any experience of releasing equity in a property here. Regards Donald

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I'm looking to open a Portfolio to invest in shares in the UK. I no longer have a UK address and wanted to know if anyone has opened a portfolio with using an Italian address - is it possible? If so, with who?I'd particularly like to invest in Stem-Cell research companies but, given that it's not legal in Italy, can I do this?Thanks for any advice.

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I have been living and working in Italy for 3 years now, but I still have my house in the UK plus a few bank accounts. As a UK citizen I am still entitled to my tax free allowance, which means I don't pay much tax on this income. However, my accountants now tell me I have to declaire my income and my property, as well as my bank accounts, here in Italy, and that although any small amount of tax that I pay in the UK will be taken into consideration, I will amlost certainly have to pay tax on the rental income. i.e. My tax-free allowance in the UK goes down the toilet. So I am left in the position now of wondering whether to follow the rules or keep my mouth shut, though I am told the penalties for hiding stuff are very high. As I am sure this affects lots of Brits, can anyone clarify this position? Is there any way to avoid paying tax and throwing away my UK tax allowance?

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Hi. I have been asked to get my Partita IVA. I have a lot of questions about it. Does anyone know an English speaking Commercialista in Florence? Also, do you have to have your residenzia to get a P.IVA? Thanks in advance.

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I have been with my current bank for many years and have been threatening to leave them for some time but this morning came the straw that broke the camel's back. Can anyone else tell me who they bank with and why, and what is the best deal they have found for a basic account with internet banking and access to a credit card. Many thanks for any help or recommendations. Moira

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Can anyone tell me please about how much the notary fees are on a house sale. Thanks

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I am looking to set myself up as my own company and want to understand the tax and other financial requirements, given that some of the income I generate will be from outside Italy but this is my country of residency. Can anyone recommend a good accountant / financial advisor who can give me the correct guidance. Thanks Tracy

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Can anyone recommend an English speaking notary in Florence? It´s for a legal document written in English. People at the US Embassy are not helpful at all... Thanks for any advice.

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Dear Angloinfo Tuscany readers, I would dearly love your help. If I were to try and host a seminar on financial matters for the expatriate community in Tuscany, what would be the best way of reaching people far and wide in the community? I work for abig bank and financial institution and they are interested in hosting a series of seminars on matters such as sensible investing in todays world, international banking and its benefits, portfolio management. We can bring in a number of experts from the City of London to give expert opinion, but they would want to ensure that we have targeted our market correctly.Any advice would be most welcome.Thanks

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Hi, I am looking for a good tax consultant/accountant based in the Florence area (or Siena) specializing in US taxes returns. Does anyone have any suggestions? Thanks, AJ

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I'm looking for an English speaking accountant who has experience guiding people through the processes involved in setting up a new business. Does anyone have a recommendation for one in or around Florence who will explain the procedure and advise of any potential difficulties?Many thanks, David.

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Hi there,I've heard there's some kind of capital gains tax on your house if you sell it before having owned it for 5 years. Does anyone know more about this? Thanks.

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Has anyone had any dealing with the SIAE? I'm trying to fathom if there is any truth in the rumour that when a theatre company plans to sell more than €50,000 worth of box office tickets, they are legally required to purchase a special ticket printing machine from SIAE. I went to the SIAE office and waited the mandatory 2 hours to be seen, only to find they couldn't give me a firm answer. Ironically, they don't have a ticket printing machine to tell you your number in the queue of folk waiting to be seen. You have to tear a blank ticket from a roll lying on the unmanned front desk and find out from the other people waiting what your number should be, then write it on in biro (if you're lucky enough to be carrying a pen).

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We struggled for years before finding the right issues to do business in Italy hassle free as for the complicated system, company set up, admin, taxation, etc... Now that things are going well, would be happy to share our experience with other expats in order to enlarge the circle, exchange information and friendly/volunteer help each others. Please feel free to contact acti100@aol.com with thanks.

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A new "bando" has just opened for funding for new business in the Lucca area - apparently in favour of "femle", "immigrants" and "over 45s"Have a look for yourselves or get someone you trust to look it over. It may well be worth applying. It's all in Italian......http://www.lu.camcom.it/content.php?p=

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I know it's a bit late but does anyone know who has the right to vote in the regional elections? As a resident........., can we?

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Is it a must here in Italy.....?

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I'd like to know if there are any legal land mines to look out for in Italian divorce / separation issues. We talked on here a while ago about the issue of children's surnames and mother's wanting to have their children with their own surnames. It shocked me how different this was here in Italy compared what I had previously presumed - and then the residency topic is so useful. I thought I'd try and get some info on another "thorny" issue. Has anyone been through the process and can share info? I just like to always have as many of the facts as poss. Thanks.

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Can anyone give definite advice to us regarding the legal requirement for actually being in italy having bought in 2008 as prima casa? We just had very bad news regarding a close family member in the Uk and honestly think having lived here 6 mnths we now need to return to the Uk and dont know when we'll return to italy. We really dont want to get into trouble here, but also dont feel ready to sell up either as we only just got the house sorted etc. Only one of us works and thats in the UK, so theres no earnings etc here, just the utility bills for the house. I suppose what I'm asking is IF there's a law stating we must live here for X days a year, is it actually ENDORSED/followed up? It really is not that we want to flout the law, just very needed back in the UK right now and because its a health issue we are not sure when we can come back. There's no way we would have pulled a fast one just for the prima casa tax relief, but now its scaring us of the consequences if we go back and are not actually here. Thanks in advance for any help!

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