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Hi Can anyone give me a brief resumé of inheritance in Italy. In particular - 1. does a UK will apply here? and if not 2. Do children automatically inherit, or can you will it to whoever you want. 3 What happens if ou own your property as a couple and one partner dies does the other inherit automatically and if not how is it divided 4 anything else that might be helpful thanks

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Hi, I'm about to move to Italy with work, and am trying to clarify what salary I should expect to take home.I found the table below on another website. 23%0 - 15,00027%15,001-28,00038%28,001-55,0041%55,001-75,00043%75,001 and overMy question is this: If my salary is between 28001 and 55000, then am I taxed 38% on the whole lot, or (38% on all above 28000) + (27% on the 13000 between 15001 and 28000) + (23% on the first 15000)?Also, what other taxes should I expect please?I normally use a rule of thumb that I take home 68% of my salary in the UK, after pension, student loan, national insurance and tax. Has anybody got a similar figure (percentage) for what they take home in Italy please?Many thanks in advance!

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Those of you who have purchased, or are about to purchase a rural building (or portion of a rural building) may be interested to know that under the provisions of article. 23, c. 1-bis DL 30/12/08 n. 207, which was converted to law by Legge No. 14 27/02/09, rural properties registered at the Catasto dei Fabbricati as fabbricati rurali are exempt from ICI.There is a catch, however, and that is the property must meet the requirements set forth under article 9 D.L. 30 Dec 1993, No. 557, converted to Legge n. 133 del 26/02/9. Section 3 of article 9 makes it abundantly clear that only properties that are used primarily for bona fide agricultural purposes are included. If your property meets the requirements, you may also be able to claw back ICI paid during the preceding five years, although the process is complex and will necessitate the engagement of any of the following (being the main category of professionals authorized to assist people with a ricorso tributario): AvvocatiCommercialistiRagionieri e periti commerciali If anyone out there thinks they qualify, I would recommend that you seek further guidance on the matter www.luchettipartners.com

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Can anyone recommend a pension advisor (English speaking a bonus) in Florence - or anywhere which is not too far out of town.Regards, Scott

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Does anybody know if Italy has anything like a consumer's rights agency (like 'Which?' in the UK)?

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Hi there. I've been told to get a "certificato delle carichi pendenti penali" - or something to that effect. I've understood it's more or less a police check certificate. Does anyone know where I get this. Does it take a long time? Thanks for any help.

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Hi, I'd like some advice on Residency. I've been told by the Comune that as I don't have a work contract (my job isn't official - no INPS etc.) and am no longer a student in Florence then I cannot apply for residency unless I have €5,000 in the bank for more than 3 months. Otherwise, I can demonstrate that I have private health insurance and they will give me residency. Has anyone else heard this? If I take out a private health insurance package, will I then be eligible for residency? I don't want to take it out and then discover that something else is missing or I got the wrong info and then be stuck paying a health insurance package for no reason!

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Do people give permission for their utilities to be paid by direct debit here or do you prefer to pay them yourselves with the little pay slip at the post office? Is that the only way? I'm fed up going to the Post Office but I don't trust the companies enough to do a DD - I've heard a lot of stories of over-charging.

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Does anyone know the minimum wage in Italy? Is there one? I've heard that wages are lower than the UK but don't know how much lower!

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Registration for the Day long workshop Buy Tuscany 2009 have been extended until September 29th. This is for Businesses exporting Tuscan goods and involves over 130 buyers from 25 different countries. Takes place on 23rd/24th November in Florence.http://www.toscanapromozione.it/it/toscanapromozione.jsp?IdDoc=202&Where=IdDoc%3D137Registration is in Italian though!

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Ciao Tutti,Can you tell me what the procedure is for an American to marry an Italian national. I am a resident and have a valid permesso di sorgiono, what documents do I need and must they be translated into Italian?Thank you!

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Can anyone advise me on the best place to get a good rate for changing dollars into euros... I don't want to go to one of the exchange places as I have heard that they give terrible rates and are only for tourists, but I really don't know where else does it - is there a bank which can give a better rate than another, or a business rate or something? Thanks.

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I have heard that you can check any partita iva on-line at the registry for free. Does anyone know the address of the website for this.Many thanks, David

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Hi there,I'm looking on some advice on filing a tax return here in Italy. Can anyone give me info on what's needed, how do I go about this? I've heard some horror storied about perople going to accountants and then discovering that they didn't do the right thing. Can anyone reccommend a good accountant that knows about doing American tax returns?

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Good evening everyone in Tuscany, I have just arrived in this fabled land (from UK) and wanted to know if someone out there could tell me if I need a permesso di soggiorno. Several people have told me several differing things since my arrival and I just want to know if a) it is necessary and b) if it is advisable. Answers on a postcard, or here on the forum will do. Thanks, Charlie

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Hi,We're just in the process of purchasing our dream home in Tuscany. Our geometra has suggested that we should consider nominating the property as our "first home" to gain some tax advantages. For the next few years, we plan to use it as a holiday home, and don't plan to be officially resident in Italy just yet. He told us that providing we are "resident" (ie clothes in wardrobes, food in the fridge etc) when we're inspected by the police in 18 months time, we don't necessarily need to be there permanently. Have any of you had experience of doing this and is this information correct and if so what are the drawbacks? We also need to do masses of work renovating our house. the estate agent has said that if we go dowm the "first house" route then we would need to select the builder before signing the final contract to buy the property. Is this information is correct too?Many thanksCarol

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I seem to remember reading somewhere that the summer sales start today. Is it the same for the whole region?Retail therapy sounds like a good way to keep cool in this heat.

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Can anyone tell me what permissions an American citizen needs to come and live in Italy? Is there stuff to do in America before getting here or can it all be done from Italy? I need to know for a friend whose girlfriend is American and thinking of moving over.Thanks.

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We signed a pre-contract for an apartment and paid a handsome deposit less than one month ago. Our work situation has changed and we did not proceed with the rental agreement. We called the realtor and cancelled our contract and lost our deposit. Here is the problem, the realtor now wants us to pay them for one months rent plus VAT. I have never heard of this, I understand to pay them this after the actual rental agreement but we never got that far. Are they allowed to do this?! Nowhere in our pre-contract is it stated that if we cancel we have to pay the real estate agent. HELP!

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As far as I can work out from talking to friends and looking on-line, I should be able to vote in both local and European elections but I am not sure where to register in order to vote.I have seen all the posters for elections and know that I will be too late for this time but would like to have the opportunity next time.Any advice would be great. Anyone who has already been through the process, or has any suggestions.Thanks, Gemma

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