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There is this crazy old woman who keep harrassing me every time I try to drop my kids off/ pick my kids up from school. She screams, yells and make a general scene. I have asked her to stop. I do not know her. She doesn't have kids in the school. I think she's crazy. Anyway it's reached the point that it's becoming uncomfortable for me to take my kids to school. Is there a way that I can file a restrining order against her to keep her away from me and my kids? I'm really at my wits end?

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Hi All Just wondering how easy is it to set up a business in Italy? Is there a lot of paperwork to be completed? Also, hoe does this process compare to setting up a business in France? Is it easier? Many thanks. Snowybabe Snoybabe

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Hello everyone. Does anyone know how long an Australian citizen with a visa for the UK can stay in Italy without papers? Can they leave the country and come back? What's required in order to get the papers? Thanks.

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Hi there, Happy Easter! Can anyone tell me exactly what the legal position is in Italy regarding surnames? In the UK an adult can take pretty much any name they choose, in France they are stuck with their father's name unless they undertake complicated legal procedings (this has been slightly changed recently to allow for double-barrelling of parents' names for children born since the new law came in, but is not retroactive). So what is the legal position in Italy? I recall reading an article a couple of years ago saying that Alessandra Mussolini was lobbying for a change in the law so her kids could use her (grandfather's) infamous name, but I read a novel last week (The Savage Garden: Mark Mills) in which the central characters were the Docci family living in Tuscany and the sons born in the 1920s took their mother's name (Docci) because she was an heiress with an estate which had been held by the Docci family since the villa was built in the 1500s. The daughter took the father's name. If this was legally possible, surely Ms Mussolini wouldn't need to be lobbying for change? Can anyone tell me whether this is based in law or just a novelist using poetic licence? Grazie tanto, Mel

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Italian Legal Translator Required. I am moving to Siena in the next few weeks and have just received my rental contract in Italian. My Italian is definitely not at this level and I require a translator who can translate this Italian legal document for me. Hope to hear from you soon! Thanks

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Our fixed rate Currency Conversion account will finish soon and we need to know if there is a good value way of getting our pounds into Euros over here. We apparently can't get new British credit cards as we live abroad. thanks

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Due to a recent report called "Doing Business 2009" Italy's criminal justice and civil law systems were ranked 156 out of 181 countries in the world... below Angola, Uganda, Ethiopia, the Republic of Congo and Zambia! I cannot find out who wrote the article but will post it if I discover it. Helenb

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Hi all, my health insurance from the States will soon be up. Is it cheaper to get it locally or should I stick with my US policy? Thanks for the info. Tim

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Hi all. My mortgage rate has gone through the roof and need to do something about it. It's an Italian mortgage. Any suggestions? Thanks.

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Hi Can anyone tell me of a UK insurance company, that will insure our cars here in Italy. We do drive back once a year, for MOT (and to pick up goodies!) so therefore want to keep car/insurance UK based. We have been told we can only do this if we drive back to UK every 90 days. Does anyone know of a company that will extend our insurance for 12 months? Thanks in anticipation

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Hi. I live in castel rigone, commune di Passignano sul Trasimeno. I have just been told today that my villa is classified as A8 and so still subject to ICI tax. Can anyone tell me how such classifications are worked out please? many thanks Dick dick glover

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Hi there, I signed a phone contract with TIM 18 months ago and want to end it now. Does anyone know if I will have to pay a penalty? I'd like to know where I stand before contacting them. Thanks.

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Hi there. Can anyone tell me the big pitfalls to look out for when buying a house in Italy. And where is the best place to look for a mortgage, given that my income has been independent earnings, or short-term contracts for the past couple of years since being here in Italy. Thanks.

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coma? (any relation to Keith Richards?). I was contacted by a lady of the name 'Lea', from Costanza Realstate,in Pisa, on 15 Sept., saying that they had a flat in Vle. Italia, Livorno for only 260 euro, everything included. Avail. 1 Oct..Small, but well furnished. The contract/deposit would be taken care of on my arrival from Sicily. Due to a work offer, I took the place site unseen. But never got the address, only next to Farmacia Lotti. With little time, I gave away much of my furniture, boxed up most all of my belongings, took my daughter out of elem. school, paid for moving deposits, train tickets etc., only to be called 24 hrs before leaving for Livorno, telling me that the owner fell out of a tree & that the family wasn't interested in the flat. Was told to keep on hold for one month, which I did, only to be told that the apt. was no longer availible. I spent alot of money to (almost) move to Livorno, my little girl is terriblely stressed, so am I, after losing work here, to go there, not being able to, then also losing work there. Not to mention, a house full of boxes! Is there any LEGAL ACTION that I can take? Thanks, Donna

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Is it very complicated to get married in Italy if you don't live here? And do you have to have a wedding planner or can you do without it?

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Hi everyone, Has anyone set up an Italian bank account? Not a credit card, just a debit card account. If so, what bank is it with and do they provide internet banking IN ENGLISH? And was it as hard as I'm predicting it to be???? Thank you!

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Anyone have information about paying Italian property taxes? What is the procedure to report such payments for U.S. tax purposes? I want to purchase a home here, but I am not sure of all the requirements...if anyone has had this experience that can point me in the right direction I'd appreciate it. Neen

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Can anyone recommend a commercialista or accountant in the Lucca/Garfagnana area that can help with local taxes? I have recently gained residency and will need to sort tax out eventually. I speak Italian but someone with a knowledge of English would be better. thanks!

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Hi, I hope so someone can help me as I must have some wrong advice. I am hoping to work for a UK registered company on a self employed/casual work basis whilst resident in Italy. Tasks will be performed by use of internet etc.. and work sent back to UK. (the job is to get clients to advertise with a uk company). Payment will be made into a UK bank account in sterling. I have asked the UK tax office whether my income will be taxed in UK and they say no, having then spoken to my accountant she says it will not be taxed in Italy since the work is for the uk and no work (factory type etc) will be done here. Can anyone advise me on where I should file a return for my income? thanks find me at aplaceinumbria.com

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Hi, can anyone tell us the bills we can expect now that we've taken the plunge and bought up in Garfagnana? We realise most of the regular ones will be utilities that depend on our usage, but we need to know the other ones: any taxes, yearly bills and rates etc roughly. We will obviously ask the agents we bought through but just need and approximate list of possibles to be going on with! thanks in advance

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