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Just thought I'd share this with you - I recently transferred a mortgage here and paid 1) the survey 2) the notary fees 3) insurance and have since discovered that a new law (the Bersani decreto) that says that the bank to who you are transferring the mortgage should cover ALL of these costs. Apparently only 20% of banks are upholding the new law!! So, I went on the net to find out what I could do now that they had already got my money and found an Italian consumer website! It's all in Italian but they have some already scripted letters to print and send with your name. Letters for querying your gas bill.....contesting fines etc......Here's the link http://www.altroconsumo.it/map/show/12370.htm

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Dear all, after reading about the mortage scandal that happened to purplesally and an article about how Italy has not implemented several EU directives, I want to know if there is such a thing as the citzens advice bureau in Italy or where we should address our problems (we know the place to gripe is here and thanks for that). Mary

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At the risk of possibly being chastised, I must ask a bit of advice about this thread on health care. Before I am told off, I must say I have read everything so far and it doesn't answer my query!Myself and my daughter of 12yrs old will take residency this year, but the rest of the family will stay on and work in the UK for the moment. I have paid NI contributions as a self employed person in the UK and my husband pays a full contribution. Will I need to obtain E106 form in order to get healthcare (I will not be working in Italy) and will my daughter have free healthcare?Moreover, will I be able to apply for a pension from UK even if I have residency in Italy based on my contributions to date? and when my husband DOES take residency, if he's under retirement age how will this affect his healthcare/ pension from UK?Sorry its a long one!

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What date are the elections - I know they are soon, but wanted to know the exact day. And do people really have to go back to their hometown to vote? It all sounds a little like the return to Bethlehem for the census!

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Does anyone here know how to find out about your eligibility to vote in UK elections? I think there are general elections this year and would like to know if I have the right to vote, how to register etc. Many thanks, Helenb

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I have a friend who has ended up in a right mess with a geometra round Lucca and I have been trying to get her to see a lawyer for months. Can anyone suggest one who speaks English please. Oh and Happy New Year everyone!

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Americans abroad can vote by internet, fax, mail or in person at voting centers around the world. (In Florence, the Voting Center is on February 5, at Syracuse University, 15 Piazza Savaronola, 4-9 p.m.) This historic event has been featured recently in the New York Times, the International Herald Tribune, AP, Fox News, and other media outlets. To Qualify: You must be 18 or older by November 4, 2008 You must reside permanently or temporarily outside of the United States You must be an American citizen You must be a member of Democrats Abroad (www.DemocratsAbroad.org) To vote: By mail, internet or fax: you must be a member of Democrats Abroad by January 31, 2008 In person: come to the voting center on February 5 with an American ID

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Hi, Does anyone have advice on how to set up business as an independent professional/consultant in Italy? How long should it take? The taxes paid, do they include enough to be entitled to Italy's Healthcare system? Any help would be appreciated Helen helen find me at aplaceinumbria.com

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Could anyone tell me if there a Ugandan embassy in Italy? Or where I should address visa enquiries etc.

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Ouch!! This news has not been welcome at all. Does anyone have experience of living in Spain recently? I would love to know your opinion on it. http://www.guardian.co.uk/italy/story/0,,2234456,00.html

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Can anyone tell me if Post Offices are open at the weekend?

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Does anyone know the minimum periods of the above from a landlords perspective and also the legal and fiscal implications ?

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I need to get some passport photos signed but none of the Italian professionals I know are willing to put their stamp on it as the passport application here in Italy is different and they don't understand (trust) me!!! Has anyone else come across this problem?! Any solutions? I don't want to have to go all the way to the embassy just so that the consulate can sign it.

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How long do you have to live in Italy to gain voting rights?

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Hello we have been told that when you get residency in Italy, you have to make a declaration of your earnings within 12 months. is this the case? We have NO income from italy, so does this make a difference? help! andyb

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Dear all, visiting the states for Christmas - am I allowed to bring some panettone, parma ham etc for the family? Any experiences?

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Has anyone had any experience of getting a permit to stay through the Post Office? If I'm not wrong, it's a new system and before you had to go the La Questura. Is it easier / longer.....?

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Am I legally required to have renter's insurance if I'm renting an apartment? If my things aren't worth a whole lot to me and I decide to forego the insurance, isn't the landlord covered for damage (fire, flood, etc...) by their own insurance? Thanks.

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Just out of interest, has anyone else got a variable rate mortgage here in Italy? If so, is it advisable to change to a fixed at the minute or is it better to wait until things calm down a little? (If you can wait that long.....!) I'm watching my payments creep up and up..... it breaks my heart.

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Is there an English translation to the application for the Codice Fiscale? It would help us in filling out the forms. Bill Pike

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