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Been using bank account from home but now need to open an account here. Any hints for a bank with someone who speaks English?

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Are there any legal issues about working from home here in Italy? Is it necessary to declare your place of work or any such thing?

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What is the difference between residency and domiciliation? Very confused about the whole issue.

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Hi Thanks for replys on declaration of earnings, and on the same note does anyone know an english speaking accountant I really feel it's one area that my version of Italian just wont do! We are in the provincia of Pisa, but will travel for a good one. Thanks again. andyandyb andyb

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Hi, does anyone know an English speaking lawyer in the area? Ideally in Pisa or Lucca but I work in Florence so even there would be no problem. I know there's a list on the AngloFILE but I'd prefer someone's recommendation, otherwise how do you know which one to choose? I need to do an affidavit (how do you spell that!?)

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I recently took a holiday (start point of the journey in the UK) and was refused travel insurance by a company in the UK because I wasn't resident there. As I had already left Italy, I was unable to get travel insurance from here either. Has anyone else come across this Catch 22 situation? Are there companies who deal with this market?

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Any of you working here In Italy and become involved in the pension TFR fund thinggy. How does it work for people who have just gotten the first job since June 30th? Are there any experts there on what to do about pensions, contributions etc for someone who has worked in the UK and is now working i Italy? It's all very confusing!

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Has anyone been through the process of buying a house in Italy and would be happy for me to pick their brains? Is it normal to have one price on paper and another in transaction..! nice to see a bit of rain, I must say.

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Have been told to get one but not sure I understood what it is and why I would need one - can anyone shed some light please?

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