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I am looking for a bakery who can provide a traditional Italian fruit wedding cake. Any recommendations?

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Korean/Asian restaurant within the area of Florence?

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I am looking for a restaurant that serves Middle Eastern cuisine. Any recommendations?

started by: Wife of George · last update: 1427481722 · posted: 1427481722

Anyone knows where to find this fortified wine?

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Anybone knows where I can buy fine chocolates as present? Something local perhaps?

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Can anyone recommend a quality everyday red wine for under 10Euros per bottle?

started by: JM Douglas · last update: 1418634063 · posted: 1416230179

Several friends will be coming over and they've been wanting to try Florentine Steak. Any recommendation on the best place to get these?

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Hi. I'm looking for some canned pumpkin for Thanksgiving, can anyone point me where can I buy it? I'm in Florence. Thanks!

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Looking for a traditional tapas spanish bar, does anyone know of any?

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In need of sour cream; where do you buy yours?

started by: Barbara Mayer · last update: 1413814462 · posted: 1411466147

New here in Italy and a beginner in baking so I'd appreciate any help. Can anyone tell me which type of flour I have to use for making soft bread?

started by: Rita Kelley · last update: 1409149285 · posted: 1408615531

My inlaws will be coming over for a visit next week. My father in law has just been diagnosed with coeliac disease.  Can anyone suggest gluten free products in the supermarkets or restaurants restaurants that offers gluten free food?

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We are visiting San Gimigniano with my sister who is a vegan and so far she has missed out on our daily ice cream treat because the ice cream parlours don't seem to cater for vegans. Does nayone know of one in SG selling non dairy ice cream?

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Does anyone know where I can find Sardinian Carasau bread in Siena? I have seen a recipe for lasagna made with sheets of this as opposed to pasta sheets and I want to give it a try. Thanks for your help in advance.

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My husband has been diagnosed with celiac disease and has been told to eat only gluten free food from now on. Does anyone know of a good supplier in Florence?

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I am looking at the possibility of starting a wine club for expats in Lucca. We would meet once a month at a particular osteria wine bar (I have secured one for this) and get together to social ies and taste a few different wines each time and hopefully get someone from each of the wine estates to give a short talk, teach the art of wine-tasting (personally, I just drink it!) and have snacks etc. We would each contribute a small amount monthly to cover expenses. Obviously there is no point in having a handful of members but one also does not want too many. The only way I can gauge the feasibility of this is for interested persons to please email me at:   pwfrancis@yahoo.co.uk So please let me know. Thanks Peter          

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Please can someone advise me as searching on the web has not helped. *.  Where in Lucca can I purchase (a) fresh chillies (b). Fresh lemongrass I would love to do a Sicilian Cooking food course, but in Tuscany, as close to Lucca as possible. Are there any? Are there any Sicilian food restaurants outside the centro storico in Lucca? Thanks   peter

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My husband is interested in taking cooking classes in Lucca. We live here and he's actually a very good cook but wants to learn more. Suggestions? Thanks

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I am looking for a place to buy organic fruit and veg with which to make baby food for my son. Any suggestions? I am in Lucca. Thanks.

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Can anyone recommend a gastronomic restaurant (Italian food) in the area just north of Siena please?

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