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started by: Allym · last update: 1474978004 · posted: 1474978004

I am looking for an english speaking hairdresser and beautician who could come to my home and help with my wedding in December. 

started by: Ripa21 · last update: 1469912444 · posted: 1469912444

My wife is looking to find a good place for a manicure and pedicure near Volterra if possible. She is really looking to find a spa that does Nail tips or Solar nails. She he is willing to drive to Florence if needed or to other areas of Tuscany within reason.thanks 

started by: Alyson-MUNRO-857172 · last update: 1461317803 · posted: 1461317803

Does anyone know where i can find a masseuse who can do house calls in the Bagno a Ripoli area of Florence?Any help would be appreciated :)

started by: Tuscan Escape · last update: 1452532816 · posted: 1392905523

Can anyone tell me where I can buy organic and cruelty free beauty products such as face cream, make up remover and make up in or around Florence please?

started by: Rita Kelley · last update: 1429719256 · posted: 1427730288

Where to get a good Brazilian wax?

started by: sweet apple pie · last update: 1426081907 · posted: 1425653702

Can anyone recommend pre-natal yoga classes in Florence?

started by: KairosCenter · last update: 1424561400 · posted: 1424561400

Hello!  I'm writing on behalf of the Kairos Center for Change.  I am seeking referrals for a Jungian analyst/art therapist in Tuscany.  If you have any recommendations, please let me know.  Thank you!

started by: toothfairy-972676 · last update: 1424349619 · posted: 1424089070

Looking for an English speaking hairdresser in Florence

started by: Elena-912008 · last update: 1416573930 · posted: 1415382901

I've just been perusing the therapy/counseling section.  When I first opened the page I saw listings for a Jungian therapist, a psychiatrist and two therapists who, among other techniques, used EMDR Therapy.  After clicking on one therapist's website then returning to the main page, the above referenced retailer's listings had disappeared.  I tried exiting the page and then returning to no avail. Can anyone explain this?  I know I wasn't hallucinating. ;)   Thanks. Elena

started by: Caroline1-972666 · last update: 1411383198 · posted: 1411383198

Looking for hair color in Florence - any suggestions?

started by: toothfairy-972676 · last update: 1410863351 · posted: 1409748095

Anybody got recommendations for an English speaking yoga class in Pisa. New to the area and would like to get into shape soon.

started by: motherof2-972673 · last update: 1410173011 · posted: 1409837624

Are there any Aveeno products sold here in Florence? Can't seem to find anything at the local pharmacies. Or am I not just looking well enough?

started by: Lady in Florence · last update: 1408959574 · posted: 1408440323

Can anyone recommend a good salon in Florence? 

started by: Tuscan Escape · last update: 1405702143 · posted: 1404152369

I am looking for an English speaking beauty parlour in Lucca where I can go for a biking and leg wax this week. Can anyone advise me?

started by: ROSPOIT · last update: 1402407997 · posted: 1392056654

I would be most grateful, if anyone could recommend an excellent dentist in Lucca, either English or Italian speaking. Thank you.

started by: Tuscan Escape · last update: 1400104680 · posted: 1400104680

Does anyone know of an English speaking at-home beautician? I am particularly interested in epilation and nails. Thanks!

started by: Margarita-903650 · last update: 1399410022 · posted: 1399410022

I am planning on taking a pregnant friend to a spa for the day and I am looking for suggestions of one that offers special packages for future mums. I am in Siena but can travel. Any ideas please?

started by: Donna Mary · last update: 1393347492 · posted: 1381142831

Does anyone know of a US or UK therapist in the Livorno or Pisa area? It's not about the language, but the culture and mind set. thanks, donnamarytucker@yahoo.com

started by: Fiorentino-903652 · last update: 1392213173 · posted: 1392213173

I would like to help out at a local animal shelter. I live in Florence. Can anyone point me in the right direction?

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