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I am getting ready to plant a lawn (again) but in the past have had trouble with ants carrying off most of the seed. I am trying to run a fully organic property so am wary of the poison that is recommended for this problem. Does anyone know of an organic / natural solution to keep the ants at bay until my seed germinates?

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I've been watching UK TV channels on the free Filmon site for the past couple of years. Sadly, I've discovered that from today they will no longer provide this free service. I'm happy to pay a monthly fee as I do like having the option to watch UK channels but Filmon's charges are quite steep (£14.99 per month). I was hoping that someone might be able to recommend a solution??!! Thank you in anticipation.

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Does anyone know where I can donate household goods and clothing? We are in the Massa-Carrara area of northern Tuscany.

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Does anyone know if the outdoor antique market in Lucca is this weekend (Easter weekend) or the weekend of 4/22 & 4/23?

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My partner and I lived in Quarrata for 3 years. We returned to Australia in a hurry and left our furniture in storage. We are going back next month to sort it out and I am wondering what options there are to sell second hand furniture in Italy? We have washing machine, rugs, bedside tables, mattress, storage cabinets, kitchen appliances and also a scooter! I know I could perhaps sell them to a second hand store - is this the only option?Any guidance is much appreciated. Thanks 

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We are professional house/pet sitters with excellent references and do not charge for our services. We are registered on all the major house sitting websites. We've been house/pet sitting for over 4 years now and run a business from the homes we care for in addition to: Pet sitting, Pool/House Maintenance, Light Gardening, Security, Mail Collection etc. We prefer assignments that are 4-6 months or longer and are currently booking Fall/Winter 2016 and Spring/Summer 2017. Message me for information.Thanks for your consideration!Sincerely,Laura

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HelloWe've still not managed to put a TV in the house yet, are there any companies who will do this near Bagni Di Lucca, there's a TV shop in town not sure if they install as well, can anyone help please?  We're not retired yet so visiting very little and shops been shut a few times.Also we have been told there is a company that charges little for the Internet per day when we are in Tuscany - does anyone on here know the name?  Same for insurance for the house - we've been told it's better to be insured in Italy than the UK - again no name, just advice.Might be time to sell, Lovely area but many property difficulties have caused stress, nearly 5 years worth.  Might laugh about it one day in my lovely villa but cut and run might be best.Babs

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I am looking for an english speaking Electrician & Plumber in the area of Rignano Sull'Arno (Bagno a Ripoli) Florence to help me with some repairs at my villa. If your close by and would like to help me with several repairs i would love to hear from you :)

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Hi there, We are buying a small house near Volterra and will be using it frequently as a holiday home across the year. I speak very little Italian (at the moment!) can anyone advise of companies or agencies that can deal with cleaner going in, bedding be changed, bills being paid/managed. We are not letting our property to others, it is a holiday home for us. Thanking you! P

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Hi everyone,  Just looking for some advice.  We've been researching and saving like mad to try and buy ourselves a wee place (primarily) for all the family to use, and then later for us to use more long term.  We've been focusing on barga, but its a bit too expensive for us at the moment. However,  something's come up in ponte a serraglio which seems to tick all our boxes. Any advice/experiences you can share?  We're 50, 2 grown up children,  2 baby grandkids. Thanks in advance,  Jackie

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Hi, we are looking for our small property to be redecorated.  We are keen to get a painter who knows how to do more specialised painting (Venetian plaster effect).  Does anyone know anyone in the area? We are 5km out of Volterra.   P

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Hello, I have just bought a house in Bagni di Lucca. Do I need planning permission from the comune to replace floor tiles? I am only putting new tiles on the existing floor. Any answer and help will be very much appreciated. Mimia

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I need to disconnect and terminate my Telecom Italia landline. I had hoped to be able to email them but after searching their website I can't find an appropriate email address. I can speak a little Italian but I'm absolutely useless with telephone conversations so I'm shying away from calling them. I did find a downloadable form on the site that I could print out and fax to them but I'm not sure it's the correct form! The form is entitled "Richiesta di disdetta del servizio di autodisabilitazione con chiave numerica" I know that "disdetta" means cancellation or termination but I'm a bit thrown by the rest of the title! If anyone can help I'd reeeally appreciate it! Thanks in anticipation :)

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Hi, has anyone come across a good fabric store in Sienna? Will be visiting there this weekend and would like to go hunting for some nice linens. Thanks in advance.

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Can anyone recommend a handyman that can do a couple of odd things around the house?

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Dear Tuscany experts! I will soon have to move to Firenze and I am very excited! I will be going with my partner and we are looking for small apartments at more affordable prices - also willing to move to a town outside Firenze (however close by!). Where shall I start this search? Any recommendations in general? Big thank you in advance. Best, Thomas

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Any recommendations for a laundromat/laundry service in San Gimignano?

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I am looking for dance skirt fitting, anyone got recommendations?

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Hello We have just returned from Bagni di Lucca and wondered how we obtain the internet for the few times we are there and also a television with good reception.  I find it difficult to obtain information or am just not looking in the correct place.  Also we were not prepared for the humidity and found the beds were wet quite quickly.  What happens when we are away, how do we keep the condensation down? huge learning curve but well worth it, can't beat Italy! thanks Manxie

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