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Hi everyone,  Just looking for some advice.  We've been researching and saving like mad to try and buy ourselves a wee place (primarily) for all the family to use, and then later for us to use more long term.  We've been focusing on barga, but its a bit too expensive for us at the moment. However,  something's come up in ponte a serraglio which seems to tick all our boxes. Any advice/experiences you can share?  We're 50, 2 grown up children,  2 baby grandkids. Thanks in advance,  Jackie

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Richburnett 1437439975

Hi Jackie

We live up above Barga and love the area. I agree that it is overpriced, primarily because of a few English speaking Estate agents, but in this market you should probably offer half the asking price and walk away if they wont negotiate. There are stacks of property on the market and if they really want to sell, they will take an offer. I know one family that were offered a property for over 300k and they said no, they were travelling back through France and were asked if they would buy at 150k, and they did! There are lots and lots of properties that are not on estate agents books, they may just have a little Vendisi notice, dont be afraid, if you like the look, go and ask! Anything through an English speaking Estate agent will be vastly overpriced / but they aint selling much now!!

You should certainly be able to pick up a 2 or three bed house that needs a little work for 100k euro in radius of 10 kms of Barga


jackiepaul61 1437485373

Thanks Richard,

I've emailed a few people outlining our position.  We're coming over in September, so we'll have a wee look round then. I'd like to have a few places to view at that time.  We'll just keep trawling the internet meanwhile!


ROSPOIT 1440151139


            I bought my first house near Barga thirty years ago. It was a marvellous experience, and we enjoyed ourselves tremendously, especially in the early years of renovating the property. Without exception all our Italian neighbours and (now) friends were extremly welcoming and encompassing.

             As in all countries, there are certain caveats for the purchaser. Location and property types are very personal decisions for any buyer. I know quite a few Italian families, who ask me if I know anybody interested in buying their property privately, (that are not advertised) with prices around Barga starting at 60K and upwards.


brchodzin 1454367911


Forgive me for inviting myself into your conversation, but I am in the beginning stages of relocating to the Arezzo area from the USA. I am finding it frustrating to try to arrange meetings with estate agents in advance of my visit this month (phone numbers disconnected, no reply to e-mails, broken links on websites, etc).

In your opinion, would I find any success printing the web listings for properties I'm interested in, and asking a local agent to visit when I arrive? I had not planned to rent a vehicle, so visiting each agency individually would be difficult.  That's also a fantastic tip about negotiating the price. I see many listed as "negotiable" but didn't know to what degree I might expect price fluctuation.

Kindest regards and thanks in advance,


ROSPOIT 1454374754


                   If you are not getting a professional response from the estate agents in the first place, how can you be assured that they will act proficiently for you after your arrival. Have you thought of placing an advert in the local paper, with a description of what you are looking for, make a short list of the responses and then visit with a taxi and get some local knowledge of the area at the same time.   

brchodzin 1454389489


Thank you so much for the response! You are absolutely correct, I wouldn't have confidence  completing this process with someone who is non-responsive. I didn't ask my question clearly- I think what I am wondering is, once I arrive and find an agent I am comfortable with, could I find success asking to see properties listed with other agencies? That might be a simple or silly question, but I'm finding myself perhaps overly researched at this point, which leads to more confusion when one guide says this and another says that!

I had not thought of posting an ad but that's a great idea. Thanks again

brchodzin 1454435592

I am looking for 2 bedrooms and already habitable (no/little restoration needed).  My work is web-based so it is very important I have fast, reliable internet service already in place or installed without an astronomical fee.  It is also important to me to have green space for my rescue dogs, and prefer either ground floor unit or a home with primary living spaces on the ground floor as I also will frequently be caring for my elderly parents for whom stairs are difficult. 

There is a property is Castel Focognano I am interested in, but have been unable to make contact with the listing agent.  I would appreciate any help so much!

Kindest regards,


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