How to disconnect my phone line!

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I need to disconnect and terminate my Telecom Italia landline. I had hoped to be able to email them but after searching their website I can't find an appropriate email address. I can speak a little Italian but I'm absolutely useless with telephone conversations so I'm shying away from calling them. I did find a downloadable form on the site that I could print out and fax to them but I'm not sure it's the correct form! The form is entitled "Richiesta di disdetta del servizio di autodisabilitazione con chiave numerica" I know that "disdetta" means cancellation or termination but I'm a bit thrown by the rest of the title! If anyone can help I'd reeeally appreciate it! Thanks in anticipation :)

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you must use the

Modulo recesso linea telefonica senza telefono a noleggio

if you don't have a telecom rented telephone (years ago telecom used to rent also the physical telephone, in that case it would be "con telefono a noleggio" and you should give back the phone).



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Thanks very much for the info Ottie.




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