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Hello We have just returned from Bagni di Lucca and wondered how we obtain the internet for the few times we are there and also a television with good reception.  I find it difficult to obtain information or am just not looking in the correct place.  Also we were not prepared for the humidity and found the beds were wet quite quickly.  What happens when we are away, how do we keep the condensation down? huge learning curve but well worth it, can't beat Italy! thanks Manxie

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pattyperugia 1407493120

We have a great portable dehumidifier but unfortunately it fills up with water after a couple of days and needs emptying and turning back on again. You may need to get friendly with the neighbours and see if they can do this for you?

Luisa-768147 1407497647

Try Carol and Richard, from Barga, for TV and Internet installation:


Manxie-919953 1407498620

Thank you Patty but we don't really know anyone there unfortunately.  It's a shame, we've not had the best of times there yet but I'm sure they are to come.

kind regards


Manxie-919953 1407498689

Thank you Luisa, I'm going to e-mail them right now.  I feel like my arms cut off without the internet.


kind regards


Luisa-768147 1407499942

You're very welcome! I know exactly how you're feeling. That initial period of settling in and getting to know the area, and your neighbours, can be tougher than you'd imagined. You'll get on top of everything by reaching out and making connections, which is exactly what you're doing! This website is perfect for that. All the best.....


phlophf-409902 1407769145

hi manxie

There is a chap in Guzzano - just up the hill from bagni who does tv installation - he di ours -  i can't remember his name but as you turn into guzzano village its either the first or second house on the left.

we usually get our internet in the bar italia as its not worth having a fixed line as we are not there all the time - its free to use and the password is currently vino rosso.

we are in Pieve di controne - 3 miles out of bagni - we have just returned from bagni - when we leave we put our bedding in bin sacks and tape it up although we are not really bothered by condensation, but I do find that no matter how much cleaning we do before we leave the place is pretty dity when we get back.

let me know if theres anything else - youre right - its fabolous there

Manxie-919953 1407770775

Hello Phlophf

many thanks for your help.  We will certainly look into this.  It's so difficult when you don't know your way around.  We love Bagni Di Lucca and did partake of a few beers whilst checking the e-mails.  The condensation was terrible but we have just replaced the garage roof so maybe it just needs to dry out.

what do you do about your windows and locking up, do you have an agent who does everything and pay bills, have you also found the IMU has gone up loads?  We don't know anything and have come unstuck in the past.  Any help would be greatly appreciated :-)

What nice people we have met and on this site.



phlophf-409902 1408050179

hi Manxie. (sorry just looked at the typos in my last post!)

Before we leave,as I said, we clean thoroughly. We had an occasion a few years back when we arrived to find we had had mice who did a remarkable amount of damage to beddng, towels etc etc.

 Now I lock it all away in sealed wardrobes and leave rodent sachets down.

Nevertheless the place is still dirty when we get back.

We lock up ourselves but there is a chap in the village who comes in regularly to water the plants - we don't have much of a garden, but do have a courtyard with a number of pot plants. This chaps wife will I believe clean the house for us and I am considering this for when we get there next time. I believe she charges about €10 an hour but don't know if she does this outside our village.

As for the bills - I can't tell you if the rates have gone up much because our house used to be a barn and was recently re-rated as a dwelling so we have nothing to compare with from an earlier date.

The agent we bought the house from - casa verde - takes care of all my bills. I do not like being absent and trusting to luck that there is enough in a bank account, and don't want to arrive and find the electricity or water has been cut off ......also I got rid of my Italian bank account becuse it was getting swallowed up in charges. 


Hope this helps - where are you?



Manxie-919953 1408058531

Hello Phlophf

We're in Bagni di Lucca, which is lovely but it a huge learning curve.  I never thought about mice but we've wrapped everything up and locked it away.  It's mattresses and settes perhaps that we have to be careful with.  It's quite a job managing a barn conversion but well worth it in the end.

We have an agent who pays our bills for us but we can't believe the hike in IMUs and no-one really mentions it for some reason.  It sounds like you have things sorted and enjoy your time there.  Thanks for your advice and I think we will get someone to clean next time as that's all we seemed to do.  heres to the next stay.......




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