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Please could anybody recommend an effective gardening site, where I could advertise 90 chestnut tree stakes, which are over two metres in length and suplus to requirements. Thanks

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A botanical painting in watercolour 2 days workshop, will take place in the XV th century villa garden in Avane  (between Pisa and Lucca) Classes will be in italian language June the 29th and 30th read more on http://casagentili.com/corso-acquarello-botanico/ Marco

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Hi there , I've planty of compost ready for use, already sorted and made only by the garden waste The compost is available in Avane, country village between Pisa and Lucca Delivered in  50 liter plastic container (returnable) or please bring your own bags You may have a look at my wish list (I'm sorry Italian only so far ... with self explainig pictures ;) http://casagentili.com/baratto/offerta-terriccio/   Marco    

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In january I asked if anyone could help me contact a builder to do electrics and carpentry and I had a reply from Sienna Leon an Architect in Prato and now the contact numbers I have don't work, can anyone help please

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We would like to have the roof of our villa cleaned professionally. Can you point me in the right direction? We live close to Pisa.

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need a tiler to do an exterior terrace approx 50sq m... anyone have any contacts please. Area is near licciana nardi, massa carrara.   thanks, mark.

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Does anyone know of any suppliers/fitters of double glazes windows and doors and/or shutters who work in the Bagni di Lucca area?

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I'm looking at the possibility of installing a wet room and was wondering if anyone else has done it / had it done? Can you recommend a company that supplies the kits here in Italy?

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Hello! Can anyone recommend a good technition who can install a pellet or multi-fuel central heating system from scratch including radiators, pipe work etc? I have had a couple of quotes already which have been too high - even my neighbours say so (one saying it would be lower if I were Italian!). I have a 3/4 bedroom house with 2 small bathrooms, kitchen, large lounge and 3 landings. any info greatly appreciated:)

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Gas cooker & hob for sale. Excellent condition. Energy efficient. Gas bottle compatible but can be connected to mains gas. Stainless steel. Photos & further info' available. €350 ovno. 

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Fridge/freezer for sale. Excellent condition; good as new. Used only for one week. I'm moving house and would like a quick sale. Photos & more info' available. €250 ovno.

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Dear all,I'm looking for a used small wood burning stove, terracotta or cast irionrough dimensions: cm (30 x 50 x 100) or inch (12 x 20 x 40)Many thanks,Marco

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I have finished building a house in Italy this year. The house has a solar panel on the roof for heating the water (simplistically, water runs through black tubes until hot and is then stored for use). I was told by the builder that all new-builds had to have one ... I didnt quibblel as I liked the idea.   I ahve just had my first electricity bill and fell off my chair at the cost. So I then thought of adding a photo-voltaic solar panel (one that generates Electricity). I did realise however that whilst Italy has fields of solar panels, I have rarely seen one on teh roof of a house.   Does anyone have any experience please? My location is Volterra.  stuartanthony@talk21.com      

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Landscaping and Fencing We have recently purchased a house in Gragnana LU, about half an hour from Castelnuovo di Garfagnana, and would like some paving and fencing to be done.

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Does anyone else have problems with the wall sockets in their house? I can't find a way to get them to stay on. Every time I plug my hoover in (the plug with 2 fat pins) the sockets practically comes off the wall when I take it out - even if I do it carefully! What's the deal?

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Anyone know what Rendita Catastale is and how to work it out / find out?

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Does anyone have information or experience with a company called Thermal Technology? They are a innovative company in the heating sector using Carbon Based Heating systems.Here is a link http://www.thermaltt.com/Tecnologia.aspx?M=4&IDLingua=8Any feedback from people who use this system would be greatly appreciated.Thank you

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Has anyone changed electricity supplier in Italy? I have been contacted by a company which offers to change your supplier if you pay them €30. I have not been able to find any real statistics on their website just a claim that you can save up to 60%.Has anyone been through this process and how has it worked out for them?Thanks.

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Dear forum, can anyone tell me if it is true that there are varying prices of electricity depending on whether you are Italian or not? My neighbours told me that foreigners are charged at a higher rate for electricity and I find the idea hugely preposterous. Can it be so? Any advice appreciated. David

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I live in the Pisa area, just wondered if anyone knew where I could buy Yankee candles and tart burners etc....? Thanks

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