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For those of us that are cheesed off paying non-residents' fees for our electricity, an extra 10% of the bill....and getting no joy after repeated phone calls to Enel, did you know that you can switch provider to Italy Powered?They don't charge extra and it's really easy to switch over as they do all the 'donkey work' for you! Check them out at this address: http://www.italypowered.com/ PS they also do cheaper gas now too!

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Looking for car boot sales or yard sales in the Lucca area?

started by: Emma-764387 · last update: 1318367837 · posted: 1194991797

Happening this Sunday 10:00 - 18:00 at 11 Via Fillungo in Guamo (frazione Capannori). All are welcome to bring along anything they want to sell or to come and buy. Call Cynthia Christensen on 0583 947 117 or 340 414 2329.

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I need to have a bit of work done on the flat I have just bought but I don't understand the difference between an architect and a geometra. Different people swear that I should only see one or the other but their reasoning is a little bit vague. Can anyone tell me where to find out which one I should use and what the difference is? Cheers, Steveed

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Dear all, I am convinced that there is a burst water mains running under my house (I can hear the water from my bathroom and I swear it wasn't there before). Who do I contact in the event that I need the local authorities to come and confirm that there is nothing damaging my property. Many thanks, Charlie

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Anyone heading over in the car and got a bit of space? I'm being quoted €415 with courier companies and that's just crazy!!

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I am trying to locate an English speaking Architect or Geometra who works in the Arezzo area of Tuscany for a house renovation project. If you can recommend anyone or have suggestions/personal experience I welcome your reply. Thank you.

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Does anyone use call forwarding with Telecom and is it difficult / expensive to set up?Thanks for any info - I just find their site impossible to find information on!

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Sorry guys but this is a little long winded. I have a house just outside Bagni di Lucca, I have been restoring the property over the last 3 years. I am having problems with my neighbour whose house is attached to mine. I have an architect who got permission from the commune for a vertical extension. The builder has now completed the extension but she states the roof is too high and has now served papers on me for 10k compensation. Surely this is not my problem, I hired an architect that got permission from the commune and the builder states the measurements are correct.Any thoughts!

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Does anyone know a good garden center within an hour of Panzano? I've just moved and have a lovely new garden for my cat - but I need to get some plastic fencing to stop him from getting out.I've tried yellow pages, but I can only find people offering gardening services or garden design etc. Can anyone tell me the correct Italian if I'm looking for a garden center or gardening supplies?Many thanks in advance,Jude.

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Can anyone recommend a builder not too far from Lucca. Have called several and they are all too busy. Or they say they will turn up and never come. Thanks, C

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We have very high gutters in our house in Anghiari (Arezzo), which are badly blocked.It would be impossible for a cherry-picker to get round the back of the house.I'm wondering if anyone has had this problem, or can suggest a solution?It is possible to get onto the roof through a skylight, and it should be possible to get at the gutters that way, perhaps for a mountaineer!

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Looking for a reliable plumber and electrician - English speaking if possible but not absolutely necessary. Pisa area for private work at our home. Thanks.

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Has anyone had electric gates and surveillance fitted in the Florence area and could you recommend the service you used? Any suggestions gratefully received. Scott

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Can anyone tell me the Italian term for a clic clac sofa bed of the variety so popular in France. And if you know where I could buy one either second hand or new. Thanks.

started by: Fulvia Franceschi · last update: 1295188981 · posted: 1293711695

I have a 3 bunk bed with 2 mattresses hardly ever used. The Bunk bed has attached 3 wardrobes and is Blue and wood color. It is only 2 years old. Euro 300. Please ring Fulvia 3471900922

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Hi, Does anybody know of a good plasterer available at short notice in the Pisa or Livorno area. We are actually in the hills near Fauglia. Thanks

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Hi, I am looking for a cleaner for our 3 bed apartment 7 kms outside of Siena. Likely once a week for 2 hours or so.If anyone knows of anybody trustworthy and reliable, please let me know!thanksKura

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Hello, I am a 48yo,responsible, mature woman. I am available to house/pet/plant sit for 1-6 months in Florence. I will take care of pets, plants, mail, house while you are away. I am Italian, currently living in Belgium and a little home-sick. Please call or text +393392171396 or contact via this website.

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Hello all, can anyone recommend a satellite TV installer near Lucca? The one we used seems to have closed down and turned into a gift shop. And Italian useless gifts too (I'm sure you can just picture the horror).So, any new suggestions would be delightful.Gemma

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