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Can anyone tell me if they exist in Italy? I don't remember seeing any advertisements for them here and desperately need to find one. Any offers of space greatly appreciated.Gemma

started by: gypsygals · last update: 1272878239 · posted: 1272402759

Sorry for the thicko posting but it seems to vary so much from country to country..... I know that Italy has digital television so for a tv with inbuilt digital there is no problem. What about for a tv with no digital inbuilt? Is there a cheapy set top box you can buy like you would for an old tv in the UK? Does a UK digi box work here? If I wanted to get satellite (there is a dish at the house I will be staying at) how does it work? Is there a monthly charge as with Sky in the UK? I know that sounds daft but some countries you don't pay a monthly charge, just the initial setting up and payment for the box. Do you get UK sky programs or is it just french/italian/german programs with CNBC and BBC news thrown in for good measure? Any advice appreciated....especially if it is using layman's terms!!!

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Can a non-Italian (European) with residenza status receive the tax rebate and IVA discount currently available for installing a condensing boiler?

started by: Andrea Palame · last update: 1272128535 · posted: 1272025854

Has anyone had any experience with transport and removals companies in Florence? I am trying to organise an office move and was told to call Bolinger in Scandicci but they don't answer the phone.Perhaps I have the wrong number but if anyone can suggest anyone else, it would be appreciated.Regards, Andrea

started by: Gemma-764391 · last update: 1271707129 · posted: 1261064198

Can anyone recommend a good architect in Lucca. I have been working with one for six months now and he really doesn't understand the project I am trying to complete and keeps telling me that it is impossible to do what I want.Anyone you have used and found reasonable, would be greatly appreciated. And please also tell me who to avoid.Gemma

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Rustico, stone house in the countryside in the Province of Lucca, situated near the international centre for the cultivation of Camelie "www.camelielucchesia.it" used for tea and flowers, famous tourist location. This has been lovingly restored using original materials from the area and with scrupulous attention to detail. The date this house is 1870, unique in its style with a total of 11 rooms, kitchen/dining room with original stone work and barbeque fireplace, living room with fireplace, a second kitchen overlooking the garden, storage area beneath the staircase, service bathroom with shower, rustic double bedroom, dressing room, rustic bathroom with hydro-massage bathtub, double bedroom with panoramic views, single bedroom, bathroom with hydro-massage shower, attic. All approved electric and plumbing, gas boiler installed, wooden fixtures in chestnut. Outside there is a large garden with barbeque and wooden oven all in original style, surrounded by 1000 sq.m. of land which is protected and fenced off. The land is forested and always green with streams running through. There is also a separate entrance with parking. The restoration work is almost complete with just the finishing touches to be completed, paving work to be completed, with the opportunity to choose preferred materials and finish for the final buyer. For more info or photo you can contact mail adress : maxeod1@live.it

started by: Marina-765064 · last update: 1269249056 · posted: 1268999531

Anyone know how I would go about getting a cleaner in? I want to find someone to come in once a week but don't know where to start! It's the sort of thing you would just say to a neighbour and ask if they knew anyone.........but no-one here seems to know!Pisa area. Thanks.

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Looking for a reliable plumber, preferably English speaking but if someone can heartily reccomend anyone, I'd be very, very grateful.

started by: CasaRimaggio · last update: 1266797307 · posted: 1266498567

Hi, I will soon be looking to furnish the whole of my farmhouse near Pescia and was wondering if anyone knows of a place where you can buy this sort of thing at a reasonable price. All the furniture shops in the area seem to sell modern furniture or the antique shops sell very expensive old stuff. I was thinking more like house clearance furniture like they have in England at auctions etc. If you can help I would love to hear from you. Thanks

started by: Ambridge · last update: 1265278281 · posted: 1264291614

Looking to fit out a couple of bathrooms in house near Casola, Lunigiana.Anyone know any shops/suppliers in vicinity.Alan

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Hi, does anyone know where I can find things like antique / period light switches ?I am gradually having my villa rewired and our electrician keeps trying to put up horrible white plastic light switches everywhere - fine in a modern house but not in an 800 year old house ! Any suggestions greatly appreciated.

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We really need to speak to a tree surgeon. If anyone could recommend one who speaks English, that would be great but even where to find an Italian one. Tree surgeon was not the sort of vocab I covered in my Italian 101 class!James

started by: David-764419 · last update: 1261070370 · posted: 1261070370

For low-impact development in Pisa/Lucca area.Bid to tender will be announced in January. Any interested parties should contact me by email.David

started by: kika-768739 · last update: 1260311209 · posted: 1257977676

Just had some curtains made up for my house in Lucca and found that the finished product was not up to scratch and the measurements I gave were not followed. I twice tried to get the owner to come to my house to rectify the problem (I even offered to pay more !!) but did they come ? No - once they cancelled an hour after the agreed time and the second did not even bother to call.....anyone else had experience of such lack of professional service ?Anyway I have since found another Tappezzeria in Lucca who is polite, punctual and professional and really wants to practice his english so if anyone needs a good one I'd be happy to give the contact details. As to the poor one I don't know if I can give the name as it maybe considered defamatory.

started by: bongp7474 · last update: 1258366469 · posted: 1258328035

We have been approached by a company (GSE) that is offering to put Photovoltaic solar panels on our roof. The entire scheme is supposedly backed by the Government, but it sounds too good to be true. Sure they have pointed out that we would need to take out a loan to cover the initial installation, but they have said that we effectively get paid for having the panels (apparantly a government subsidy) so that we end up paying nothing. I know, I know it all sounds too good to not be fishy, but does anybody know anything about this at all?

started by: emtom-768659 · last update: 1256563905 · posted: 1256501525

I want to buy a couple of new wood burners, but I want a bit more selection than the local shop or even Obi can offer - any recommendations?

started by: Rory-764388 · last update: 1255441676 · posted: 1255441676

Looking for a reliable plumber to do work on restoration of a villa in the Garfagnana area. Please email with contact details.

started by: HelenB-764392 · last update: 1248788344 · posted: 1248364614

Does anyone know of a reputable company to instal a burglar alarm for a business? I have heard scare stories about businesses who have installed new systems and within weeks been subject to a burglary for the first time and then having to upgrade with the same company before finding out that this is just the way the company works to get upgrades from customers. I would pay for travel expenses if they were outside of Florence and would be delighted if they spoke English but can manage well in Italian. Helen

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We have finally decided to try to go green. I want help to find the best solutions for wind turbines, solar electricity, solar heating, batteries, inverters, micro consumption lighting for house, garden, pool whatever, even electric fences, caravans, boats. Let me know your experiences and who you recommend, who to avoid and the best and the rest of what is going on out there in the great green world of renovation. James

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I had a call from Vodafone offering a package for fixed line and internet at home - €29 a month for both as well as a dongle that allows me to get onlone 10 hours a day outside the home (FREE). Sounds wonderful. Has anyone had any experience of vodafone as an internet provider? Or how long it takes them to switch the phone over - is it a nightmare? I changed from Telecom to Infostrada a few years ago and it was an absolute disaster getting them changed over - months without internet!! Don't want to go through that again.

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