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Any Italian insect experts out there?! I'm trying to identify an insect nest (or cocoon or chrysalis??) that suddenly appeared in a niche around the exterior of one the wooden window frames of my house, between the window frame and the external shutters. At least I'm assuming it was an insect nest. I could kick myself because I accidentally destroyed it whilst poking at it to see what it was when I first discovered it. Too late to take a photo now! It was a perfect row of 7 or 8 cigar-shaped tubes, each about 5 cm long and 1 cm wide, all connected to the next, lengthwise. Made of a biscuity, clay-like material, creamy terracotta in colour, that crumbled when poked. There weren't any identifiable insects inside, just a dark, gritty substance. If anyone has any clue as to what it was I'd be very grateful.

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We need to get rid of loads of overgrown brambles we've been cutting down on the land behind our property. Does anyone know if burning garden waste in Tuscany is permitted at this time of year? If so, what's the cut-off date?

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hello,we would like to buy turf grass sods for our very small garden in tuscany - does anyone know where to obtain such an item? ,thanks Aine

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Hello,I was wondering if anyone knew where I could hire around 15 orange/lemon trees for a day to decorate the church for my wedding in Pietrabuona (4 KM from Pescia) in September.We got a couple of ridiculous quotes, but was hoping to find something at a reasonable rate?Any ideas?? Any help would be much appreciated.

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Hi. The Pigs in France website is being reworked to encompass all things that might interest smallholders or those seeking a more self-sufficient lifestyle abroad. New sections are being added rapidly and hopefully more people will join the fold and add thrire own experiences and expertise to the site, which is dedicated to sharing information that may help people starting out, in progress and even old hands. Come and take a look. http://pigsinfrance.com The site membership is free to all and you will find some good people there who are more than happy to answer questions on all aspects of self-sufficiency and smallholding.....just don't be afraid to ask or make suggestions on how you would like to see the site improved. PIF may be based in France but its sure to be of relevance to some people in other countries with similar interests. All the best. Guy.

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Dear all, please be aware that the local rubbish company, Quadrifoglio have a centre for disposal of all types of batteries and other things that cannot be put in the normal rubbish (such as printer cartridges, old lightbulbs, out-of-date medicine etc.) at Lungarno Ferrucci 45 and it is open from 6am until 7pm. Helenb

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.........the increase in the Post Office fee when paying a bill? In 2008 it cost €1 and I went to the Post Office today and was charged €1,10!

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Does anyone know if you are allowed to burn coal in urban areas in Italy? I was at home over Christmas and noticed that a lot more people there use coal for the fire.......and it's much warmer, or at least seemed to be. I have to say though, I've never seen it for sale in Italy. Has anyone? Thanks for your help.

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Hi, We're in the process of buying a small holding near Pieve Fosciana in the Garfagnana. There is about an acre of flat ground by the side of a stream. Can anyone tell me what fruit and vegetables I might have success growing (and what not to waste time over). There is also a SSE-facing steep hillside. Will I be able to grow olives and or vines? Its pretty high up (about 1000 feet above sea level). There is a mature sharon fruit tree, a walnut and three fig trees already growing there if this is anything to go on. Also, is the climate mild enough to grow citrus trees and bouganvillae this far north in Italy? Inachis7

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Around Florence there is a huge ad campaign to encourage people to recycle tetrapaks so I thought I would let everyone on the forum know too. Another thing to add to the list....

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Looking for housesitter July 31-Aug 23. 3 Bedrooms/ 2 baths/large garden in Porta Romana area. Must be willing to look after a cat and two small dogs.

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Hi there. I received a cheque for €150 from the gas company citing "Delibera no 168/04 AEEG - Indennizzo automatico per il mancato rispetto dei livelli specifici qualità dall'Autorità per l'Energia Elettrica e Gas - prestazione n. 2006 2589" Anyone has ANY idea what that's about? ANd should I cash the cheque or is it just a big company trying to get off lightly by offering you €150 when maybe they should refund the total €680 that I paid for connection......? Any help would be appreciated, I have absolutely no idea what it's about.

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Having Lived in France, I have recently moved to the area and was concerned re the laws in Italy and pool security. We want to rent our house out next year so need to know what we need to do re the pool. Cintia Soto really helped me out, she is a representative of a french company here. She can be contacted on 3386270682 Thanks David

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There is a shallow, wide, fast flowing stream running through the property we're in the process of buying near Castelnuevo in Garfagnana. Its about 1000 feet above sea level, I suppose in the foothills of the appenines. Does anyone know if crayfish live in such streams in this area? Also, where would I have to go in this area to see a golden eagle? Are there any wild wolves left anywhere in this area? Inachis7

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I sell an apartament of 3 rooms and an apartament of 4 rooms, the both having 2 bathrooms, private garden, common swimming pool and park, wide car park in a farmhouse located 5 Km from Volterra town center and a few Km from Siena, San Gimignano and other wondeful places in Tuscany.Please contact me at infotiscali@farmhouseintuscany.eu Farmhouse in Tuascany

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My local one has closed down. Can anyone recommend one in Florence? Want it done quickly as too cold to be without rugs for weeks.

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Please tell me if anyone has an idea how to clean stainless steel with this terrible hard water. It drives me round the bend so any suggestions will be tested immediately.

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Can anyone tell me what I should expect to pay per month on a gas bill for a two bedroom flat in Tuscany over the winter months. Limited cooking and reasonable heat in the apartment?

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You wouldn't believe what I saw at a fair over the weekend. A robot hoover. You switch the thing on and let it wander around your house hoovering. You can time it for 1 hour, 2 hours etc and then just leave it to go hoover your house!! There was a lawn-mower robot too. Incerdible! nyone ever seen it?

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Can anyone tell me how I'm supposed to take care of an olive tree in a pot? It is about a metre high and looks quite healthy, only I'm not sure what I'm supposed to do from here on. I'm pretty certain I'm not supposed to water it much and that full sun is ok. But should I be fertilizing it?

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