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HiWe are a retired professional couple who are experienced house,pet and animal sitters and looking to travel to Italy in the summer of 2018 so would be available to do house sits over this period. We sit for free most of the time and you can find our profile on Trusted House-sitters or on our website www.kayaknomads.wixsite.com/furnfluff.

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Hi, does anyone need a petsitter in 2016?  I do quite a bit of pet and housesitting through the trustedhousesitter website -- and I have great references, my profile is listed under Irish Writer.   I'm currently catsitting for 5 weeks for a couple who own a holiday complex called L'Antica Vetreria in Piegaro, Umbria -- and I'd be really interested in coming back to Italy in the new year.  I'm a writer so I work at home, and would be around to keep your pets company.   I have an independent income, so I'm just looking for a change of venue -- somewhere warm and sunny!  I generally take assignments between 3-8 weeks, but would also consider a longer term situation.  Thanks, Caroline

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Does anyone know of a good English speaking vet in the Lucca area? thanks, christy

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Are there pet rescue centers in Tuscany similar to PAWS?

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My sister in law will be arriving soon and is asking for a reliable pet grooming salon for her lovely pooch. Not having any kind of pets I am at loss and would like to get some recommendations in Florence please.

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Can anyone recommend a natural mosquito repellelant I can use to protect my dog from getting bitten? I have heard the Medietteranean area presents a leishmaniasis danger for dogs. Thanks for your help!

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hello, my husband and I are visiting Lucca on the 2nd of July  2014, to attend "The Eagles" concert. we presume it will quite warm (too hot to leave in the car!) and wondering if someone would be interested in dogsitting our 7 year old Jack Russel whilst we attend the concert!  (?) we not not wish to leave her in the car and am willing to pay a dogsitter at their house!  please if there is someone interested could you be so kind to let me know!  need to be not  too far away because we need to return home to Chamonix, France the next day as we run a B&B there.    sincerely, jeannie  PS   Rebecca mentions someone called Maryann but no contact details???  thank you everyone with any info  :)      

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Does anyone know a really good kennel in the Lucca area with very friendly people. For whatever reasons, my dog has turned kennel shy and hides under my bed when she sees me heading for her "kennel" bed and toys. I'd be really grateful for some suggestions. Thanks. Barbara L

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Does anyone know of a flyball or agility class for dogs in the Siena area please? I have a border collie who needs to burn off bags of energy and use his brain a bit more.

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Hi there, My boyfriend and I have recently moved to Lucca and we are occasionally out of town due to work at the same time and therefore are looking for a good pet sitter in Lucca. We have a beautiful, sweet, fun loving French Bulldog "son". Does anyone have any recommendations?   Thanks! Liz

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If anyone is interested in adopting a handsome young unsplayed dark tabby stray cat, who seems to be in very good condition despite my not feeding him, and therefore must also be a very good mouser, please get in touch. I cannot afford a fourth cat. He probably eats some food at my neighbours' house because they feed their animals outside, so even though I remain firm about not feeding him, he insists on coming down to visit, probably perceiving us as a cats' home. He has already had a big bust up with my cowardly Maine Coon inside our house. He seems to want to communicate with people and he once accepted a caress on his head, so he may not be too difficult to catch if I could find someone who wants him. We live between Dicomano and San Godenzo in the province of Florence. Telephone. 3493401062

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Can anyone recommend a really good dog kennels at which to leave my dandy dinmont for a week this Christmas? I am in Lucca.

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Hello, I live in San Macario in Piano, near Lucca and am looking for somewhere nearby to keep my horse. Does anyone have a bit of space with shelter and preferably other horses or know of  not expensive stables in the area? Eilidh  340 1054506

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I'd love to take my labrador to some group dog training classes in Italian or English. I'm currently in Flroence. Any ideas?

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Can anyone point me in the direction of a shelter with staff who speak a little English? We live in Florence and are thinking of adopting an adult or senior dog.

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Hello,  Does anyone know the best place to get pet insurance in Italy?  Many thanks! 

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Do you know of any beaches in Tuscany where dogs are welcome even in summer? I know it is a long shot!

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Does anyone know of a really good horse riding school in the Lucca-Montecatini-Fucecchio triangle? I can't find one online anywhere but there MUST be one somewhere! Many thanks

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I have a 12-year-old Golden and a 6-year-old Goldendoodle. For the past year I have been taking them to Dott. Ciocci at Ambulatorio Veterinario Santa Anna in Lucca. Though Dott. Ciocci’s English isn’t fluent it’s very good and he’s willing to use Google translate if needed to communicate. He’s great with the dogs and has given fantastic care to both, esp. my senior Golden who despite a number of chronic health problems has never looked or felt better. 

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Hi all, We are a couple who are moving to Viareggio on a yacht later this month. We have a lovely little springer spaniel, border collie cross. Obviously she cant stay on the boat with us and until we find a house we are going to need to leave her somewhere. Does anyone know a good dogsitter where we can leave her on a weekly or even monthly basis while we are working? Thanks for all your help

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