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Moving to gubbio 0 Families & Kids
Are there any international schools nearby
started by: Ferney-France · last update: 1468330955 · posted: 1468330955
International schools 2 Families & Kids
Are there any international schools in the region? Does anyone have any recommendations?
started by: Ferney-212772 · last update: 1460988134 · posted: 1457343769
how to reduce my over weight 0 Health, Fitness & Beauty
hai any one know any treatment for weight loss in ayurveda ? 
started by: jinu-mm-856542 · last update: 1460947497 · posted: 1460947497
Spa 2 Health, Fitness & Beauty
A friend and I are wanting to book a day at a health and beauty spa as a treat to ourselves. If anyone can recom...
started by: MoniqueA · last update: 1460913346 · posted: 1425556626
ayurveda treatment 0 Health, Fitness & Beauty
started by: jinu-mm-856542 · last update: 1460913300 · posted: 1460913300
Casa Bruciata wedding 0 Food & Drink
Hoping someone local can help my son is getting married in June at the above near Perugia,most of the guests will b...
started by: susan-skyba-854509 · last update: 1459338804 · posted: 1459338804
board and lodging for dogs 7 Pets & Animals
From painful first-hand experience I know how difficult it is to find a kennel that provides quality care (and s...
started by: spellana · last update: 1458745008 · posted: 1422367898
Poisoning of domestic animals 1 Pets & Animals
Almost every year, in the beautiful region of Umbria, Italy, ...
started by: salveumbria-355558 · last update: 1458497977 · posted: 1458463059
Poison baits in Umbria 0 Pets & Animals
started by: Roger-Coombes-852825 · last update: 1458141595 · posted: 1458141595
health system 0 AngloINFO Support
As a new Italian resident but with husband still working in UK (he is not a resident), I am not eligible for free h...
started by: jacky-McLean-852741 · last update: 1458117348 · posted: 1458117348
Pets and Poison Baits 0 Pets & Animals
Unfortunately there has recently been an epidemic of poisoned baits being left , (largely), by hunters and it seems...
started by: spellana · last update: 1457977683 · posted: 1457977683
Cheetos 0 Food & Drink
Is it possible to buy them here? If so where? Thanks.
started by: Madge-578 · last update: 1457013673 · posted: 1457013673
Container 0 Home & Garden
Buon giorno.  We are sending a 20' container from Miami to Naples.  Then the container will be trucked...
started by: lisadenunzio · last update: 1454368468 · posted: 1454368468
Do any Expats need a dog trainer ? 0 Pets & Animals
I've just returned home to the UK following a very successful week in Umbria training dogs obedience and also no...
started by: · last update: 1448571543 · posted: 1448571543
General Painter & Cleaner 0 Home & Garden
Hello, can anyone recommend a general painter to paint my apartment?  Also looking for a cleaner to clean t...
started by: MLeone2 · last update: 1447044521 · posted: 1447044521
Italian speakinh reasercher for whole sa... 1 General
I have seen in the Italian markets some shawls I would like to buy so I'm now looking for some help! Can ...
started by: Charmy-10055150 · last update: 1446210946 · posted: 1444643557
Moving to Umbria 5 Home & Garden
We are contemplating moving to Umbria and would welcome any advice / guidance........especially how to go about ...
started by: walthamstow · last update: 1441641058 · posted: 1432985172
Moving to Gubbio! 2 General
Hi Everyone, I am from the UK, currently volunteering in India. I also teach English online.  I will...
started by: annie-10048341 · last update: 1440409919 · posted: 1440130848
Book shops 1 General
Looking for some English book shops in Perugia.
started by: spacedog · last update: 1440130949 · posted: 1430756213
Help! Caring for my elderley mother. 1 General
A long shot, but advice wanted. I have been living in England for 40 years, I have just returned from visiting m...
started by: theladygardener · last update: 1431940417 · posted: 1431010122
Emigrating the UK? 0 Entertainment
Hello. I'm looking to speak to people who have made the decision to leave the UK and move abroad for a potential...
started by: EllieGibbs · last update: 1431103825 · posted: 1431103825
Owners direct note all owners 0 General
We  started letting with Owners direct in the last year, I note that now they are updating the website, so ...
started by: befani · last update: 1430740962 · posted: 1430740962
Coriander 1 Food & Drink
Any one knows where to buy coriander?
started by: rapunzel-972696 · last update: 1430694759 · posted: 1430495958
May 1 2 General
Is May 1st a public holiday here?
started by: MoniqueA · last update: 1430420339 · posted: 1430148158
Notaire 0 Financial & Legal
Can anyone recommend an English speaking notaire who can help make wills legal in Umbria?
started by: Yousef-972688 · last update: 1430320229 · posted: 1430320229
Fast and Furious 7 2 General
Where can I watch The Fast and Furious 7 in English?
started by: wonderboy-972687 · last update: 1429889216 · posted: 1429540584
Personal teacher 1 General
A friend is looking for a personal teacher who can teach her Italian. Anybody got recommendations in Spello?
started by: Kae_Umbria · last update: 1429798892 · posted: 1429282306
Baking classes 2 Food & Drink
Looking for baking classes within Assisi please
started by: pebbles-972699 · last update: 1429207457 · posted: 1427908108
Climbing gyms 4 Sport & Leisure
Does anyone know of any climbing gyms in Perugia?
started by: Josef Winston · last update: 1429115323 · posted: 1423563563
Fishing spots 2 Sport & Leisure
Any recommendations on where to go fishing?
started by: MrJason · last update: 1428937928 · posted: 1427378513
Pacquiao-Mayweather fight 2 Sport & Leisure
I am very much looking forward to the Manny Pacquiao and Floyd Mayweather bout. Any recommendations for a bar th...
started by: Brian Brian · last update: 1428683045 · posted: 1428504846
seeking laptop 2 General
Anybody interested in selling their laptop? Needing one immediately.
started by: ClaireG-972689 · last update: 1428409012 · posted: 1427732198
Life in Palazzo Mancinelli - Gualdo Tadi... 0 General
Ciao to anyone living in the Gualdo Tadino area!  We would love to get to know anyone who is living in the ...
started by: PalazzoMancinelli · last update: 1427615478 · posted: 1427615478
Volunteering jobs 1 General
Looking for some volunteering jobs; can anyone recommend some?
started by: Brian Brian · last update: 1427482332 · posted: 1427114464
Cake maker 2 Food & Drink
Can anyone recommend a cake maker? Need to have a cake design copied off the web. And some cupcakes too.
started by: redvelvet · last update: 1427303424 · posted: 1423659152
Physiotherapist 3 Health, Fitness & Beauty
Hello everyone. Can anyone recommend a physiotherapist. I need someone who can help with a sore injured han...
started by: mrmusicman · last update: 1426516651 · posted: 1426255671
Kitchen doors 0 Home & Garden
Any recommendations on where to buy quality kitchen doors?
started by: Maddie1 · last update: 1425991642 · posted: 1425991642
Secondhand stores 6 General
Any great recommendations for secondhand stores anywhere in Umbria? Looking for some great finds for the new hom...
started by: Elaine-972692 · last update: 1425907184 · posted: 1422012682
Craft clubs 4 General
Are there crafting clubs anywhere in Umbria - knitting, crochet, etc?
started by: Kae_Umbria · last update: 1425301924 · posted: 1423141005
Smashbox cosmetics 1 General
Are there stores that sell Smashbox cosmetics?
started by: Kae_Umbria · last update: 1424956579 · posted: 1424865927
Toshiba repair 2 General
Any recommendations on where I can get my Toshiba laptop repaired?
started by: John918 · last update: 1424782277 · posted: 1422619902
Golf course 2 Sport & Leisure
Can anyone recommend a golf course open to the public that's not too tough; haven't played in years.
started by: Michaelangelo-972682 · last update: 1424688736 · posted: 1424423079
Gyms for ladies 1 Sport & Leisure
Are there fermale only gyms anywhere in Umbria? 
started by: smurfette-972698 · last update: 1424268819 · posted: 1423486601
Driving school 1 Cars, Bikes & Driving
Can anyone recommend a good driving school?
started by: MoniqueA · last update: 1424179266 · posted: 1423834792
Language classes 2 General
I am looking for language classes, Russian to French. Any Russian speakers out there?
started by: SouthernLights · last update: 1423054552 · posted: 1419250321
Bike hires 1 Cars, Bikes & Driving
Does anyone have recommendations for bike hires in Spoleto?
started by: Michaelangelo-972682 · last update: 1421749951 · posted: 1420627289
Laundromat in Assisi 1 Home & Garden
Any recommendations?
started by: Kae_Umbria · last update: 1421664413 · posted: 1420722629
Soccer camp 1 Sport & Leisure
Planning to send my nephew to a soccer camp in summer - any recommendations? His Italian is not that good so bet...
started by: mrmusicman · last update: 1421314842 · posted: 1421056641
Our Wishes this 2015 New Year 1 Families & Kids
Best wishes to everyone and have a prosperous New Year!
started by: Rose Porter · last update: 1420127495 · posted: 1420029816
Merry Christmas 3 General
Buon Natale! Merry Christmas everyone!
started by: Rose Porter · last update: 1419864949 · posted: 1419425695