Adventure Sports

Multi-adventure and activity park catering to adults and children from age 6, families, school groups and companies with the idea of integrating with nature in a wooded zone. At the Fabrica Giner complex, Morella.
A mountain-activities company located in the Alto Mijares. Offers potholing, mountain climbing, canoeing, mountain biking and trekking activities.
Do! Valencia
Guided tours in Valencia. The company offers shore excursions, gastronomic tours and hot springs visits.
Ozono Open Natura
Company arranges rafting, climbing, canyoning, paintballing, kayaking and other adventure sports.
Skydive Castellon
Company offers skydiving, tandem jumps and accelerated free fall courses. Free fall photos and videos are available to buy. Based in Castellon.
Outdoor Adventure Activities. Finance & Support available.
Company arranges adventure sports including rafting, canoe kayaking, pony trekking, balloon rides, climbing, scuba diving, paintball and quad biking. Located at Calle Doctor Soler 4 1º Picassent, 46220 Valencia.