Auto Spares, Parts & Accessories

Ainde Recambios Automoviles
Official C.G.B. distributor that sells spare parts and accessories. At C/ Sequia de Rascanya 22 (Pol. Alqueria Moret), 46210 Picanya.
Spare: tires, oil, filters, brakes, shock absorbers, exhaust systems, spark plugs, batteries. Workshop for review and replacement of all types of accessories.
Recambios Roferco
Sells spare parts and accessories for vehicles. At Cervantes 21, 46680 Algemesi.
Automoviles Artemio Tena
Sale of new and used vehicles with full warranty Full Service Mechanical Workshop, tires, electrical, body and paint cars and industrial. We have vehicles free replacement. Located at Poligono Industrial Picassent, Calle 1 N 9, 46220 Picassent
Cheap Tyres
Tryres, baterries, wiper, blades, bulbs and brakes. Locates at Teulada and La Nucia.
Recambios colon
Mechanical elements of the car. Electricity, body and tires.Located at Les Llargues, Nº 32, Albal
Car Glass
Try to repair your windscreen before replacing it with a new one.
Comercial Auto Turia
Spare parts, engines and accessories for all types of vehicles are available. It is also an official distributor of Koskisen products. At C/ Sequia de Fabara s/n, 46210 Picanya.
Recambios Salvador Gomez
For spare car parts and accessories. Located at Sagunto 68, 46600 Alzira.
Sports Car
Spare parts and accessories on sale at Ausias March 7, 46800 Xativa.
Recambios Vives
Company sells replacement parts and car accessories. Situated a tAv. Corona de Aragon, nave 7, 46520, Puerto de Sagunto, Valencia.
Company supplies imported car accessories. Located at Gral. San Martin 19, 46004 Valencia.