Hospitals & Health Centres

Clinica Cavadas
Reconstructive Surgery and Microsurgery.
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Gandia Hospital
Hospital located at Francesc de Borja, Paseo de las Germanias 71, 46702 Gandia.
Clinica Quiron
Private health hospital that offers full medical and surgical care.
Specialises in the treatment of childhood attention deficit disorder and other problems.
Doctor Peset
University hospital located at Avenida Gaspar Aguilar 90, 46017 Valencia.
Dra Carmen Tomas Valls
Eye clinic that offers a wide rang of services: eye diseases, contact lenses, cataract, hyperopia, myopia and astigmatism surgery. Aso offer financing for all types of surgeries.
Hospital Aguas Vivas
A private hospital that provides full medical and surgical facilities. Located at Ctra Alzira Tavernes CV-50 km 11 Carcaixent ,46740 Valencia.
Hospital Nisa 9 de Octubre
This private health hospital offers full medical and surgical care. Located at Valle de la Ballestera 59, 46015 Valencia.
Clinica Obesitas
Specialized in laparoscopic surgery to treat obesity.
Hospital de la Ribera
A Valencia hospital that its located at Crta Corbera km 1 Alzira 46600, Valencia.
Doctor Moliner Hospital
Public hospital care to chronic and long illness. Located at Porta Coeli, 46117 Serra.
Clinica Castro
Eye clinic specialized in the correction of vision defects. The clinic has incorporated this technique in refractive surgery using the new femtosegundo laser high precision.
Clinica Dr. Rubio
Urologist. Minimally invasive surgery. Pelvic floor muscle rehabilitation, cryotherapy, anaesthesia fast track, retrograde intrarenal surgery (RIRS) and urodynamic study. Online appointment available.
Clinica Millet
Obstetrician/Gynecologist clinic specialized in assisted reproduction, prenatal diagnosis, and Pediatric Endocrinology.
Biological and Immunological Medicine Clinic
Biological and immunology clinic located at Calle San Valeriano 27 Torrent, 46900 Valencia.
Dr Ignacio Manrique Martinez
Doctor and director of the paediatric team at Hospital 9 de Octubre.
Hospital Nisa Virgen del Consuelo
A private hospital offering full medical and surgical facilities. Located at Callosa den Sarria 12, 46007 Valencia.
Centro Medico Group
Dr Juan Salort has general practitioner surgeries in Gandia, Denia and Oliva Nova.
Quiropráctica Oliva
Chiropractors & Osteopaths Team of Chiropractors providing treatment for back pain, headaches and other spinal problems. Chiropractic clinic located at Calle Fº Llorca, 23, 46780 Oliva
Dr Delgado Torne
Orthopaedic surgery.
Dr. Vicente Mascaros Torres
General medicine. (Clinica Quirón)
Plastic surgery.
Hospital de Sagunto
A hospital located at Avda. Ramon y Cajal s/n Sagunto, 46520 Valencia.
Mauricio Sandino
Chiropractors, joint dysfunctions. Graduated in California EEUU. Natural solutions to problems such as neck pain, thoracic, lumbar,herniated discs, sciatica, headaches and vertigo.
Dr. Cesar Jose Angeles Blasco
General Practitioner at Clinica Sorolla.
Hospital Nisa Rey Don Jaime
This private health centre provides full medical and surgical facilities. Located at Santa Maria Rosa Molas 25, 12004 Castellon.
Casa de Salud Hospital
Catholic university hospital. Located at Avda Manuel Candela 41, 46021 Valencia.
La Fe Hospital
Innovation and experience to patients. Located at Avda de Fernando Abril Martorell 106, 46026 Valencia.
Dr Antonio Puig Rosado
Clinic specialized in Plastic, reconstructive, orthopaedic and hand surgery.
Centro Medico Oliva
General surgery and digestive. Emergencies 24 hours. Located at Avenida Picasso 1, 46780 Oliva Nova Golf.