Vineyards & Breweries

Wine Route Utiel-Requena
Visits to bodegas with tours of the wine cellars and installations, accompanied by a wine maker or oenologist. Wine tasting sessions and visits to local points of interest.
Baronia de Turis
Cooperative located in Turis with over 713 partners and 1000 hectares of vineyards. Local wine variety: tempranillo, garchada, moscatel and international wine. Located at Ctra. Godelleta 22 Turis, 46389 Valencia.
Bodegas Pedro Moreno 1940, S.L.
Winery visits available by appointment. Located at Calle Bodegas S/N Jaraquas, 46311 Valencia.
Bodegas Solano
Produces a variety of bottled and bulk wine. Located at Av. Arrabal, 57 - 1B 46340 Requena (Valencia)
Bodegas Fuso, S.L.
Offers and produces a wide range of quality wines.Open everyday. Located at Ctra Utiel 10 46537 El Ponton, 46357 Valencia.
Bodegas Murviedro S.A.
This winery creates, produces and markets a wide variety of wines. Located at Ampliacion Poligono El Romeral s/n Requena, 46340 Valencia.
Torre Oria Coop
Founded in 1897 by Oria de Ruedad Family, their wine are under the Denomination of Origin Utiel-Requena and Valencia. Located at Crta Ponton Utiel Km.3 Requena
Bodegas Covinas
Unites the members of 14 cooperative wine producers of the Utiel-Requena area and with it approximately 11.000 hectares of vineyards. Located at Avda Rafael Duyos s/n Requena,46304 Valencia.
Vera De Estenas
Founded in 1942, was the first valencians winery to grow international variety like Merlot, Carbentet Sauvignon and Malbec. Located at Finca Casa Don Angel, NIII Km 266, Utiel