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Moving to Almansa 0 General
We are considering buying a house in Almansa - which is possibly a bit far from Valencia for this group!  Does
started by: supersec-611519 · last update: 1496068756 · posted: 1496068755
Live in Carer available for respite 0 Health, Fitness & Beauty
contact details [email protected] Telephone 0033296290654
started by: zipinator-348632 · last update: 1493888451 · posted: 1493888450
... 0 Pets & Animals
We are looking for someone special to cover our holiday. Ideally a couple that are cat lovers, ( we have 2 cats ) a
started by: sundance-585840 · last update: 1493884877 · posted: 1493884876
Noisy and neglected animals 0 Pets & Animals
Hi, I live in an apartment block in Almoradi.  Next door is a Spanish couple with two small cats.  The ca
started by: Jean-Baker-893129 · last update: 1486836891 · posted: 1486836891
Do you want to earn a little extra money?... 1 General
If you fancy earning a little extra money, consider showing your fellow Expats our UK TV system. You can receive ev
started by: Richburnett · last update: 1485602041 · posted: 1485440397
moving to Valencia 2 AngloINFO Support
We plan on moving to Valencia in June.  I need to find a decent apartment and a school for my daughter who wil
started by: Clare-Talley-869730 · last update: 1483977216 · posted: 1473968963
Spanish Citizenship: How To Get It 0 General
We have had many enquiries since the Brexit referendum about how to get Spanish citizenship so we thought we'd poin
started by: Madge · last update: 1479828546 · posted: 1467812692
Trick or Treating 5 Families & Kids
Hello. Can you tell me if it is socially acceptable to take the kids out trick or treating this Halloween in Va
started by: vally-347067 · last update: 1475255386 · posted: 1319481425
Contracting an Insurance Policy 0 Financial & Legal
Hello everyone! My name is alvaro i'm an Insurance Agent, i offer myself to help anyone who needs to contract an in
started by: Alvaro-Ruiz-869112 · last update: 1473351179 · posted: 1473351179
... 0 General
Hi,We are a semi-retired professional couple (ex company directors) and we are looking to rent / sit  property
started by: angiep-112816 · last update: 1473169754 · posted: 1473169754
State Schools in Valencia 0 General
I'm trying to track down a list of the state schools in Valencia but having no luck. Does anyone know where I can f
started by: Katy-861627 · last update: 1465741700 · posted: 1465741700
Bus Map 0 General
Hola,Has anybody got a link or a copy of Lliria bus map, please ?I need to get from Lliria Metro station to Ur
started by: AshJules · last update: 1464902771 · posted: 1464902771
English language jobs 0 General
Hi, I'm looking to relocate to Valencia with my husband. I have a Spanish degree and will apply for a range of posi
started by: Emma-Wood-857620 · last update: 1461693933 · posted: 1461693933
Olocau 17 General
Hi I'm coming to Spain to look at a couple of houses in Olocau. It's an area that I haven't researched yet but the
started by: WendyM-901368 · last update: 1461172344 · posted: 1445172973
Personal trainning Sessions 0 Health, Fitness & Beauty
Hello, My name is Francisco and I'm Estudio-D's personal trainer. I would like to invite you to check my websi
started by: Estudio-d · last update: 1460728763 · posted: 1460728763
Hi¡My name is Raquel. I have taught Spanish as Foreign Language for more than sixyears in Spain, London, Dublin an
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... 4 General
Hi we are looking at moving to Spain and we need info on local buses around the Lliria Valencia area as I don't dri
started by: Carol17 · last update: 1459611446 · posted: 1456087503
Public and Private Schools in Bixquert, Xativa... 5 Families & Kids
Hi there I have been reading about schooling kids in Valencia, but I am more interested in the Bixquert, Xativa
started by: riabrown · last update: 1458845204 · posted: 1338409356
... 1 Financial & Legal
I came to Spain in June 2015 in UK registered car. In July, I decided to insure it in Spain with EasyCover (special
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Wedding photographer 0 General
Can anyone recommend an English-speaking wedding photographer covering the main city of Valencia please?
started by: Fluffy-343841 · last update: 1455367437 · posted: 1455367437