Dream Analysis & Counseling Services in Zurich

In the work we do with clients, our signature approach to both counseling and personal development is Jungian dream analysis.  Dreams are far from accidental occurrences or simple re-creations of the day’s events. Though they speak in a symbolic language that is often difficult to understand, dreams are an objective source of information about the underlying, unconscious nature of both our personality and our life situations.

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Dream interpretation can lend insight into our most resistant patterns of behaviour and help guide us into new, more flexible ways of being in the world.The goal of dream analysis is to integrate the dream material into our conscious lives, something that broadens our perspective and enriches our lives.

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Psychological Benefits of Dream Interpretation and Analysis

Revelation of lost or hidden factors of our personality

Restoration of the full personality

Creative solutions for individual problems

Insights for creative blocks

Liberation of energy trapped in depression or sloth

Understanding of destructive habits

Exposition of areas of arrested development

Solutions to anxiety issues

New perspectives on relationship problems

Elucidation of shadow/unknown aspects of the personality, both positive and negative

Doorways to new possibilities and direction in life