Multilingual Piano School Bertova

Professional Piano and Keyboard lessons in your house in canton ZG & LU. Individual instructions for children and adults available from beginners through advanced levels, ABRSM exams preparation. Classical and Pop music. Ages 4-80.

Piano and Keyboard Instructions in English, German, Czech, Slovak.

Piano and Keyboard lessons for early childhood: We offer the music, piano, and voice lessons to encourage a love for music in young children, ages 3-5, and to help them begin learning to play piano.

ABRSM piano exams. We are preparing the students for ABRSM piano exams and ABRSM’s performance and teaching diplomas.These examinations are very highly regarded by the music community throughout the world; participation and recognition are a way of uniting music students and teachers wherever they are and whatever instrument they study.

Piano and Keyboard lessons for adults: We create curriculum and teaching activities and provide instruction suited to the needs and goals of our adult students. This helps create an enjoyable, meaningful and more productive experience for both teacher and the student, and encourages adult students to continue to pursue music for years to come.

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