Olivia Bolt, PhD

Life can be hard at times. Concerns about relationships, work, or health might cause distress. Sometimes, these struggles ease on their own, or we can use strategies that have worked in the past. Other times, it feels like we’re stuck in the mud of our difficulties, and can’t seem to find a path out of our struggles. That’s when I can help you regain your balance.

I support you in getting to know yourself better and finding new strategies for dealing with challenging emotions or situations. Together, we create an individualised treatment plan using evidence-based psychological interventions.

I am a UK trained Swiss Clinical Psychologist who has lived and worked in Switzerland, the UK and Germany. I am licensed as a Clinical Psychologist in the UK and I am certified as a psychotherapist by the Swiss government.

I offer individual and couple therapy in Zürich and online. You can get support with depression, anxiety disorders, stress-related disorders, traumatisation, separation, grief, challenging transitions (parenthood, retirement, cultural adjustment), self-esteem issues, and relationship difficulties. My main therapeutic approaches are: CBT, Emotion Focused Therapy (for couples), Compassion-focused Therapy, and Imagery Rescripting and Reprocessing Therapy (IRRT). Therapy languages: English, German, Swiss German.