Sina Rees

There are many reasons why people seek the help of an experienced psychotherapist. Some are in the middle of a big storm, some others have stumbled on their path because of a relationship that ended or a job that got lost. Or you might just have the vague sense that something is not quite as joyful as it used to be. 

I can help you deal with expat issues, finding your way, anxiety, depression, burnout, life crisis, problems in self-worth, questions of identity and meaning, lovesickness, co-dependency, grief, relationship problems, or personal development. 

Ultimately, psychotherapy is a process that helps you on the journey towards your true self. It's a space that allows you to reflect about patterns that you created throughout your life, and to feel what needs to be felt to move forward with joy and an open mindset.


I grew up bilingually with German and English in Bavaria. I graduated from the University of Heidelberg with a master’s degree in psychology in 2009, and got trained as a Swiss licensed psychotherapist at the C.G. Jung Institute Zurich in Küsnacht. 

My way of working is  based on a depth-psychological approach that tries to make the unconscious, namely the things we are not conscious of, conscious. The therapeutic process can involve working with dreams or tapping into other creative ways of expression, like drawing. Most importantly, I want to offer a therapeutic space for healing, a space of safety and at the same time a space that allows you to reflect on yourself in a truthful way. 



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    phone: +41 78 932 24 90